Baba Ramdev Visits The Yoga Institute

Baba Ramdev at The Yoga Institute

Baba Ramdev Visits The Yoga Institute

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev of Patanjali Yogpeeth paid a short friendly visit to The Yoga Institute in January 2016. He was given a warm welcome by the Yogendra family.

Addressing a large audience at the Institute he said, “I am happy that there is an awakening about Yoga; I want to see a world where everyone practices yoga. If you are practicing yoga, then there will be no disease, no bad habits and no despair in your life.

The Yoga Institute has been teaching yoga since 97 years. This Institute is one place where yoga is not under any brand name but is preserved in its pristine glory. Shri Yogendraji, Mother Sita Devi, Dr. Jayadevaji, Mother Hansaji have selflessly preserved this legacy of yoga. Now Hrishiji, who I am very happy to see, is continuing the tradition. He is young and capable and I am sure as his name suggests, he will take yoga to great heights. After three years when it will be The Yoga Institute’s centenary, I will come myself here and celebrate with the Institute.

I call Hansaji as Mother and as the grace of God. I feel so good here and if I did not have to go away, I would stay here. There is nothing different between Hansaji and me. We have the quality of oneness. We are working as instruments of God for the betterment of society. As the country has given us everything, we have to give back to the nation. I had been searching for God logically and scientifically and have come to the conclusion that every cell includes God. If you do yoga everyday, the country will remain good.”

Baba Ramdev was shown the Institute premises and the work being done in different aspects by the Institute. He also spent some time personally with the Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra and the rest of the Yogendra family.

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