Capturing the essence of yoga: A Beginners Guide

Capturing the essence of yoga: A Beginners Guide

A friend I know is young and dynamic individual. He is fitness conscious. He frequently participates in cycling events, swimming and practices Asanas on a regular basis. But, soon he became a victim of depression.

Today’s lifestyle — High-stress levels at work, deadlines looming around us always, poor communication with near and dear ones, and our eating and sleeping habits. All these are the cause of severe diseases and mental illness. Yoga essence helps improve & correct lifestyle. One may look physically fit at gross level, but the REAL fitness is something more subtle and is to do with the state of your MIND. Today we look at the role of Yoga to stay FIT, as a holistic approach toward Mental and Physical well being.

                                    Yoga is a holistic approach

One may think of Yoga and immediately think of various postures for physical strength and flexibility. Well! think again. Maharishi Patanjali who wrote Yoga Sutra has only three sutras on ASANA out of HUNDRED AND NINETY-FIVE sutras written in total. He explains the purpose of being in a posture, very simply: “Sthira Sukham Asanam”, it translates into – POSTURE SHOULD BE STEADY AND COMFORTABLE.

You may also read various commentaries on “Yoga Sutra” by so many great personalities in the field of Yoga and Spirituality. And all of them talks about Meditative postures as a means to improve steadiness and concentration. The other type of Asana-The Cultural postures are meant to be subjective, and the attitude that a Sadhak imbibes while doing any cultural asana is critical. Through the practice of Meditative postures, one may attain the highest level of steadiness of the MIND. This requires a lot of practice and continues effort from any Yoga practitioner. This journey however painful makes your body light and brings your mind and body closer.

So be it Cultural or Meditative Posture that you want to perfect – Being steady and comfortable in it is the ultimate GOAL. Hence, when you approach “Yoga” as a WHOLE system for mind and body confluence and NOT just physical expression through “ASANAS”, you start walking on the journey which offers eternal peace, happiness and your physical fitness is one of the by-products.
So, try to capture the essence of yoga and understand it is more than just asanas.

Capturing the essence of yoga: A Beginners Guide – A must read  with various commentaries on “Yoga Sutra” by Dr Jayadeva Yogendra & Smt. Hansaji great personalities in the field of Yoga and Spirituality. get your own copy today! Click here for details. 

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