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August 2010

Santi Vicente, Sadhaka from SpainFrom times immemorial India has been known as the land of the mysterious and magical, a land of Rsis, Yogis and ascetics.The Vedic Rsis are the progenitors of the Indian spiritual ethos, of Indian culture and philosophy. From the magico-mysterious domains...

- An interview with a Leading Ophthalmic SurgeonIt was a wet and chilly day. A middle aged man with a pleasant appearance came to the doorstep of Institute wiping his glasses and soaking to the skin. "Can we help you?" asked the attendant at the desk. A mild smile, and then, "I was called today. I am Dr. Dave", said the visitor. The person at the desk courteously led him to Shri Yogendraji, The Founder of The Yoga institute. The bond seemed to be instantaneous of two simple great men. After exchanging a few pleasantries an informal discussion ensued. Shri Yogendraji in his vibrant tone said, "I came across a book by Bates, Sight without Glasses and I became intrigued that people did not know about the yogic way for restoring eyesight. So I wrote down in my Yoga Personal Hygiene book how to look after the eyes and other organs of the body by ancient methods. People were amazed to see in our country and in other lands that there was so much that the Yogi knew about internal cleansing and they were able to look after their bodies perfectly well. The doctor said he was not very much acquainted with yogic methods of eye care. We had requested the doctor to clarify a few points which were claimed in Yoga.