Eat the Yoga Way

Eat the Yoga Way

Yoga is a holistic approach to good health. The food we eat and the way we eat; majorly accounts for our overall growth & progress. Modern era with fast paced lifestyle presents its own challenges and cooking meals is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Very little awareness or no attention is paid to the way one chooses what foods to eat, where to eat or even the people with whom one shares their meal.  Let’s see how we can eat the Yoga way-

Sattvic meals preparations

Under ideal circumstances, one should prepare one’s meal. The whole meal making act should be done like one is performing mindful-meditation. Try to do it in a happy mood singing or humming. Also, keep the mind filled with gratitude and positivity throughout during the cooking process.

A sattvic meal should include fresh, clean, seasonal and local ingredients. Yogic diet generally includes whole grains, raw or freshly cooked vegetables, cereals, greens, milk, fruits, curd, fresh and dry fruits, beans, legumes, ghee and pure organic milk. All these are light and nourishing foods and easy to digest. Such foods increase vitality, body strength, immunity and health.

Eat the Yoga Way quick tips

  • Eat meals in moderation. Fill your stomach 1/2 with solid foods, 1/4th should be liquid and keep 1/4th empty. Before consumption of each meal, one must develop gratitude for the food. Eat slowly, consciously and chewing well. Chew your food slowly and wholly and mindfully until it hardly needs swallowing.

          Chew your food slowly and wholly and mindfully

  •  Eating daily on time is ideal. Eat with a quiet and tranquil mind with full awareness. We nourish our body and mind not only by eating food through our mouth but also through our senses, i.e. the nose and eyes. Surroundings also matter eating in front of the TV is a big No No!
  •  Eat your meals at the same time and the same place and only when hungry in a peaceful atmosphere. Each and every bite of food and sip of drink should be taken with a feeling of joy and appreciation.

Eat the Yoga Way and change the way you eat. Apart from many health benefits you will lose weight and reduce unwanted fats.  Approach the ingestion of food as a blessed and sacred act. One should make every effort to cultivate such good habits, for it helps to prepare the mind and makes the process of eating a sacred event and not merely a daily mechanical task for satisfying our physical hunger.

A considerable amount of obesity, much of which results from the disease of over-eating, can be combated if people would learn to slow down and chew their food mindfully!

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  • Kerry Murphy
    Posted at 13:00h, 24 October Reply

    “Eat the Yoga Way” You have nailed the topic 🙂

    Nowadays, on one cook their food themselves, they just order and eat. Well, after reading your article, many of them including me will definitely try “Eat the Yoga Way”.

  • Shashikaka c murli
    Posted at 17:29h, 24 October Reply

    I would like attend all programs .

  • Shashikaka c murli
    Posted at 17:31h, 24 October Reply

    I would like attend all programs .some queries r want to discuss, some yoga tips also.

  • Shivam maurya
    Posted at 22:59h, 26 October Reply

    Food contest on 28th October recipe is sprouts salad

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