First QCI Certified Yoga Teacher Training School – The Yoga Institute, Mumbai

First QCI Certified Yoga Teacher Training School – The Yoga Institute, Mumbai

The Yoga Institute and QCI (Quality Control India)

YI QCIWe are one of the oldest organised yoga centres in the world. We are the first QCI certified Yoga Teacher Training School in India. Quite assuring to the quality standards we have worked hard to uphold. We are 98 years old wellness heaven, spanning three generations each contributing towards the cause of teaching, learning and training householder yogis.

We Offer; a safe haven amidst urban setting (Mumbai financial Capital of India). A lush green campus and cosy setting that encourages the Yoga learning Goals. QCI certification gets you registered or listed on the official web-site; this enables the visibility cause on global level.

One Month (Residential and Non-Residential) Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) – This is Level-1 accreditation, where the candidate on successful completion of the course work; shall receive dual certification i.e. institution as well as QCI certificate. For more details Click here and To Register online Click Here

Three Months (Residential) Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) – This is Advance Level-2 accreditation, where again on successful completion of the course work dual certification is possible. For more details (course fees, accommodation) Click here and To Register online Click here

Why should you enrol with our Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  • Structured, comprehensive Training
  • Transformational Journey that has been designed for personal and professional growth
  • Classical or Ancient Yoga Techniques based on Ashtanga Yoga-Equips you with skill set and training that is recognised both locally as well as globally
  • Due weightage has been given to Theory (History of Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga) and Practical (Effective training methodologies)
  • Embody what you teach and empower your students
  • Experienced, dedicated and teachers who embody classical yoga as a way of living. Expertise that go beyond physical postures teaching and emphasis on Self-Study-oriented teaching and assessment.
  • Individual personal attention during entire course work.
  • In-house published books, best sellers and good collection of books on Yoga asana, Yoga therapy, Anceint yoga history, classical yoga, Yoga healing techniques etc
  • Applied anatomy and physiology working knowledge gives the scientific base to help and modify techniques to confidently assist your students
  • Guided meditations, how to control mind, Aum and mantra chanting, group discussions, and much more…

A glance at our successful candidates who have cleared the QCI LEVEL 1 – YOGA INSTRUCTOR = 90 successful candidates and LEVEL 2 – YOGA TEACHER =25 successful candidates and still counting… Check out results details…click here

Yoga is a way of life…Learn the ancient practice of Yoga and wisdom from one of the oldest organised yoga centre in the world. Learn Yoga… the Genuine! Classical! Authentic! Scientific way -Enrol Today!

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