Meditation Pods

Over two days, on 28th and 29th December 2018, The Harmony Fest, India’s biggest wellness festival, will attract tens of thousands of visitors from morning to night. Who would not want to take a break in the middle of talks, discussions, music, food and interactive sessions to relax and unwind for a bit?


At the Harmony Fest, visitors will be able to do just that in specifically designed meditation pods, and find their own private peaceful escape in the middle of chaos. The Yoga Institute (TYI) will place these pods at strategic locations so that visitors can take a moment for themselves to refresh and rewind.


Apart from soothing music, the meditation pods will also enable visitors to practice and experience The Yoga Institute’s very own relaxation technique called Nispanda Bhava. Born out of the need for a technique to quieten the mind when TYI found itself increasingly in the middle of a traffic hub at its current location in Santacruz East with an airport, train station and a busy highway just minutes away, Nispanda Bhava fulfilled just this requirement.


The name is derived from the Sanskrit words nispanda – non-changing – and bhava, a state of mind. This is how it works: A person sits relaxed reclining against a wall and closes the eyes, feeling relaxed mentally and physically. No movement should be made once the eyes are closed and the attention is directed to a fading sound, which is constant, rhythmic and feeble like the ticking of a clock, the chirping of a bird or the like. Soon a state of no movement  of the mind is noticeable as one becomes more and more passive.


Through the meditation pods, TYI hopes that visitors of the Harmony Fest will be able to experience this beneficial technique that is unique to the Institute for themselves and be able to unwind and bond with their own selves while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of their lives. Only ten minutes daily of this technique can increase the relaxation and peace of mind tremendously.