Yogi Sessions

For many, yoga is just about asanas. But yoga is so much more – there are eight steps that make up Ashtanga Yoga and asanas is just one of them. This is why The Yoga Institute (TYI) has designed special workshops for the Harmony Fest that everyone can try out, which will lead them towards living a more balanced life. The idea is to make people aware about the self and how instead of looking for happiness and contentment outside, one must look within to find it.


As TYI promotes yoga for householders, whatever phase of your life you are in, regardless if you are in school, college, have a hectic life at work or at home or have just entered retirement or have been enjoying it for a while, it is never too early or too late to start yoga. Every time is the right time as yoga and better living will help you live a healthy and balanced life.


Yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyan and samadhi make up all the eight steps of Ashtanga Yoga. For beginners, the yamas and niyamas – restraints and observances – are the foundation that their practice will rest on. Non-violence, truth, non-stealing, continence and non-covetousness is something we all can identify with; they are the restrains, while purity, contentment, fortitude, study of self and surrender to the absolute are the observances that visitors to the Harmony Fest will get a taste of in talks and practices, for example when eating sattvik food.


Asana enthusiasts will be happy to hear that there will be 20 hours of non-stop yoga conducted by the Institute’s certified teachers, including yoga postures, kriyas and pranayama. There is no need to worry of not being flexible, agile or young enough to do yoga – all sessions are designed so that anyone can enjoy them and join in as our teachers will make sure to take care of individual needs.



As the Yoga Institute is a pioneer in bringing the four bhavas or attitudes to the fore, there will be a dedicated workshop just on them. If you want to know how dharma (duty), jnana (knowledge), vairagya (surrender) and aishvarya (self-reliance) can change your life, then make sure to attend this workshop, which will teach attendees to focus on the positive traits and on seeking solace inside.


Women are particularly prone to stress and thus stress-related issues as they are trying to do it all – home, work, children, family and more – fulfilling often erratic demands without taking enough time out for themselves. Mental, psychological, emotional and physical problems are the result, leaving women exhausted and their energy depleted. Our special workshop for women will give women a glimpse at how to regain that balance in their lives and start enjoying it at the fullest again.


Couples, regardless if they are newly weds or having been married for so long they stopped counting, face a myriad of issues right from the beginning that want to be navigated together. But to ensure that the love grows over the years and not dwindles under mounting pressures (children, extended family, financial concerns, living a hectic, urban life), couples need to work on their relationship from the very beginning to nourish it, give it strong roots and make it grow. In an age where love and intimacy are easily tradeable, this workshop will assist couples on working with tolerance, acceptance and overall relationship management.