How to handle criticism and be positive?

How to handle criticism and be positive?

Criticism is a part and parcel of human life. It is generally observed that people are busy in changing others but they are not ready to control their own mind. This creates endless criticism and opinions, eventually a great suffering. While everyone in this world has advices for each other, it becomes difficult for people to handle it in a right way.

There are many different types, division, and subdivision of criticism but broadly it can be classified into Constructive criticism and Projected (or negative) criticism. Constructive criticism is all about working upon “how can I improve?” or “what better I can do”? This will help a person grow at every stage in life. On the contrary projected criticism is rooted emotionally and it is more of a reaction or rants to the hurtful comment made by a person. It is a product of negative emotions like envy, insecurity, and anger.

When a person is in a positive state of mind, he/she allows others to speak their mind out without getting hurt. The advice is then taken in a healthy way. This is only possible when people see things objectively and identify self as a soul or consciousness. A true yogi or someone working upon to become a yogi can follow this with absolute ease by exercising control over the mind.

What about a common householder? In today’s world, everyone has larger than life ahamkara (ego). Everyone these days knows everything and cannot take criticism in a healthy way. This blocks them from growing as an individual and as a human being. With all the stress, competition and race around, people simply forget to control their mind and thus end up converting even a constructive criticism into a projected one. So what exactly to do in this situation! Let us find out ways wherein one can convert a projected criticism into constructive.


Institute has taught amazing techniques which not only build physical strength but also mental as well emotional balance. One such simple technique is Sukhasana. It is most of the time taken for granted but the institute states that practicing it for 10 min every day, it will bring awareness and mindfulness. While a person is sitting is sukhasana all the focus is on the breath and no adulteration enters the mind. This triggers awareness and it becomes a cake walk to accept the way one is, hence helps in working upon criticism as much as possible. The mind will beautifully start working towards improvement and forget to react emotionally. One will be able to maintain the poise and start living in present.

Another most effective technique is Anitya bhavana which teaches that nothing is permanent and everything is transitory. This simple thought will make one understand that whatever criticism or opinion comes will not have a permanent impact. This will help to stay calm and give the best shot at doing things. If improvement is required then it will flow into the system easily and if criticism is just out of ego then one will gain the ability to let go (Vairagya bhava).

Performing anitya bhavana from day 1 can be slightly difficult to many, so next best thing is to reflect upon day’s event and be the witness of one’s own thinking. This will help to rectify the mistake if any or it will help to find something positive out of a negative opinion. It trains the mind towards mental detachment thus slowly reinforcing anitya bhavana.

Above were some simple solutions on how to handle criticism and convert a negative into positive. This will help every person to remain positive and eliminate the “I” sense within. In any dire situation, at work, home or socially one stays extremely positive and draws a step further towards finding consciousness.

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  • Sarah Cummings
    Posted at 06:25h, 05 September Reply

    Perfect! Looks very relaxing and helpful to relieve stress from criticism. I got excited to try this. 😄

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