Smt Hansaji Yogendra with lions club womens

Lions Club Women’s Camp

Lions Club Women’s Camp

This was a late morning camp from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm. As the name suggests lions club women’s Camp, there were about 20-22 lionesses resent. The camp was lead by Ms. Ankita Sood. All the campers were given brief history about The Yoga Institute as they were sipping herbal tea. Herbal tea was a way to introduce campers with Ahar which is right food; the 4 pillars of healthy living ie. Ahar, Vihar, Achar, Vichar (AVAV). The lionesses were keen to learn the yogic concepts which play vital role on one’s health and depth of various routines. Achar routines e.g. Drinking warm water in the morning before brushing as the morning saliva is good for health. Vihar was discussed in relation to campers hobbies. Nature and behaviour of oneself were the essence of Vichar.

Attitudes towards life our 4 Bhavas were explained and experienced through asana.

Lions club women doing savasana

Lions club women doing savasana

Dharma Bhava was experienced through sukhasana & quietude as the primary duty towards oneself. Gyaan Bhava was experienced through performing talasana variation 2 & 3 also konasana 2 wherein campers became self-aware, the stretches, the limitations etc. Women being emotional tend to take the smallest thing to their hearts and are easily hurt Vairagya Bhava which was experienced through makrasana to have faith and surrender to the will of God. Our lionesses work hard and hardly relax, they feel if they rest it will waste their time. They were taught the art of conscious relaxation ie. Shavasana for 8-10 mins would rejuvenate them person as if they have rest for nice 5-6 hours. The Lionesses learnt how to take care of simple cold & cough issues by performing Kriya’s (cleansing techniques) like Jalneti, kapalbhatti, kapalrandhauti and karnarandhauti and experienced Aishwarya Bhava as their nasal passage was clear after these kriyas.

Saving best for the last, Smt. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra came for a small talk which was phenomenal as her unique way of presenting and explaining even the most twisted issues of life in simple manner. Smt. Hansaji explained ways of healthy life starts by keeping yourself protected from external negativity, staying strong from outside as well as from within and lead a self-reliant life. After the talk our lion lionesses had for lunch with brightness in their eyes and a promise to themselves to a happier, peaceful & a confident tomorrow.

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