Nature Trail

Nature Trail


The premises of the Yoga Institute is the perfect place to escape from the city without ever leaving the town! The green heaven transforms the simple activity of walk into a nature learning experience. Step in to the gated premises to discover the walking track which is well-lit, even-surfaced with no steps or steep sections, and keeps the pollution at bay. Designed to allow easy access to all the other areas of the institute, the path is surrounded by greenery all around, which also elevates the peaceful, positive vibrations of this paradise. A stroll along the institute’s well-developed walking path is more than just exciting, as it’s an easy way to work in some exercise and learn a thing or two about the rich, natural landscape. Lined along the paved walking track, are countless varieties of trees, plants and shrubs that are a treat to the sight as well as beneficial for health.


In this serene environment, only a few squirrels dare to make some delightful noise, which of course is music to ears. While admiring the greenery around, one cannot miss out the joyful playfulness as well as acrobatic movements of these adorable garden dwellers.


The jewel in the crown is the Kailashpati tree, which is considered to be a sacred tree in India. It gets the name Kailashpati due to the resemblance of its inner flower with Shiva linga. It is also known as the Canon Ball tree as it bears the fruit in shape of the canon ball. This rare tree possesses antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiseptic and analgesic qualities and hence used for medical purpose. While the Ashoka trees stand tall in the backyard, the rich flora of therapeutic plants at the institute also include –


  • Cinnamon helps to reduce arthritis pain and cholesterol
  • Five spice helps to treat cold and cough as well generate heat in the body during winter
  • Bhel or Bilwa fruit is cooling for body when ripe and the raw version helps to tackle dandruff.Its leaf is most commonly used to worship Lord Shiva
  • Patri plant or Panfutti supports urinary tract health, as well as tackle kidney and gallbladder stones.
  • Curry leaves are most beneficial for Diabtes as well as promotes good hair and eye health
  • Insulin plant leaves aid to regularize blood sugar levels for Diabetics
  • Tulsi or holy Basil strengthens immunity and is specially used for respiratory disorders. Anti oxidants in Tulsi mitigates stress
  • Rangoon creeper or Barmasi vel seed extraction is used to expel worms
  • Temple flower or Frangipani bark concoction works wonders for Asthma and fever. Also the milky extract from tree mixed with coconut oil relieves rheumatic pains.


This is just the tip of the green treasure trove, as almost each plant in The Yoga Institute grows to bestow invaluable advantages.

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