Social Initiatives


The Yoga Institute has been following the principles set by the Founder by working selflessly for the upliftment of the people, society, India and the world.  The International Board of Yoga serves as our charitable branch under which our social welfare initiatives are conducted.  In association with various NPO’s we design programs to suit the needs countless many.  Our programs are provided at no cost to offer aid to all those who seek our support.  We are constantly growing our support structure to offer a better way of life to communities across the globe.

Yoga for Women:

We have been involved with women’s rescue programs for many decades and have worked tirelessly to provide free counselling, food, hygiene and yoga education, as well as free healthcare to thousands of women who are marginalized and abused.  Free yoga women’s camps are organized each year to empower women with yoga education as well as assist with health, hygiene and wellness needs of women.

Yoga for Senior Citizens:

Free yoga programs are conducted regularly for senior citizens.  Seminars are arranged along with lectures on health, sanitation, etc. relevant to senior citizens. Yoga camps for Dignity Foundation, etc. are organized regularly to take care of their holistic health and wellness.

Yoga for Special Children:

We empower special, differently abled children with basic yoga practices.  These children, from lower socio-economic groups with special needs, are neglected due to lack of parental awareness about their needs, social stigma and poor financial access to special education therapy.  Children from Gharkul, Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities, Rangoonwala Foundation, Reach Out, etc. are all duly exposed to the yogic way of life.

Free Medical Health Camps:


Every year free medical check-up camps are organized at The Yoga Institute to meet the immediate health care needs of people in need.  By providing basic healthcare at no cost to these persons we are able to extend the long-term health of those in our community.

Blood Donation Drive:

Annually free blood donation drive is conducted to reach out the people in need; especially children suffering from blood disorders, such as thalassemia.

Military and Police Holistic Health and Wellness through Yoga:

We understand the holistic health requirements for those who deal with terror, anti-social elements, and other disturbing situations on a daily basis. Paying tribute to their indomitable spirit we have provided these special task forces with free yoga sessions for over a decade. Through these programs we have trained more than 10,000 in yoga techniques to assist in their ability to manage and eventually overcome PTSD and similar psychological and physical ailments.

Municipal Staff Wellness through Yoga:

This regularly conducted program ensures the Municipal staff in our community are healthy, empowered to face changes and give their best effort to every endeavor which in turns benefits them as well as the overall efficiency of the government.

Western Railway Staff Wellness Yoga Camps:

We have helped in the knowledge co-creation programs for the wellness of Western Railways staff using meditation, yoga education, and counseling.  Thousands of employees of the Western Railways benefit from the free yoga training and wellness camps conducted.

Yoga for transgender

Yoga for Transgender:

Transgender people are at increased risk for certain types of chronic diseases, cancers, hormone issues and mental health problems. They face numerous health disparities as well as stigmatization, discrimination, and lack of access to quality care.  Yoga encourages them to derive enormous benefits and experience a sense of well being for a lifetime.

Yoga for oppressed people (slum kids)

Yoga for Oppressed People:

We conduct free camps to empower the most marginalized communities, especially women and children suffering from exploitation, abuse, malnutrition, juvenile homes, slum inhabitants, HIV, AIDS etc. and consequently facilitate sustainable social changes as well as create an equal world, and have been with Share Foundations, Committed Communities Development Trust, etc. for the underprivileged community.

Yoga for empowering youth

Empowering Youth with Employment Skills: 

We are educating, and empowering eligible underprivileged children with yoga teacher training courses.  The Yoga Institute’s various Teachers Training Programs are designed to enhance the students’ mental and physical growth as well as enable them to earn their livelihood.

Yoga for School Children:

It’s never too early to learn yoga!  Children, irrespective of age, caste, race creed and status need a firm foundation to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow.  Along with other lessons learned at home and school, knowledge of yoga runs parallel to impart a balanced and holistic development of children. We have been imparting yogic knowledge to children in hundreds of local community schools.

Yoga awareness

Yoga Awareness:

We team with various hospitals like KEM, Cooper, Hinduja Healthcare Specialty Hospital, etc. to combine therapy and preventative measures in the form of yoga for their patients.  Additionally, campaigns are conducted during the Equal Streets, The Walk for Health and Mumbai Car Free Days etc. for public awareness.

Tree plantation

Trees Plantation Drive:

We are aware of the immediate need to protect our environment.  Campaigns are conducted throughout the year for public awareness and multiple initiatives are undertaken to plant more trees and to expand the green cover.  Through these efforts, we raise awareness locally and work to preserve our environment for generations to come.

We are always looking for new ways to improve the lives of those in need.  If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact us by way of [email protected]

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