Book Release 2017 The Yoga Institute, MumbaiAnnouncing the release ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Talks by Dr Jayadeva & Smt. Hansaji’ much-awaited volume that decodes Yoga as a way of life.One of the six Indian philosophical systems, Yoga Sutra is a classical work of ethical philosophy....

The Yoga Institute, Yoga Guru
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
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4th May 2013 - Saturday - Inaction "Talk on 'inaction', which is our national trait. If we can avoid something, we will avoid it. We do what we do out of leisure, but we just like to do nothing. There are many things that we all could have done in life, for the good of our own people, but we just don't do. Not that the jobs are very hard. It may be just picking up a paper lying on the road and putting it away, but we don't do it. So inaction has become a trait. This is a bad habit. If we are otherwise free, and are capable, we must carry out actions that are required. It is worth considering, whether we are of that kind - who are trying to do actions as required, or are trying to find out ways and means to avoid actions."