Yoga and Total Health

Yoga and Total Health

February 2017

Magazine (Yoga Journal)

Yoga and Total Health is a monthly journal on Yoga way of life first issued in 1933. Edited and published by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, the magazine includes inspiring write ups by Shri Yogendraji, Dr. Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji, news and other interesting articles by Sadhakas, Sattvic recipes, humour etc.


February 2017 Issue

It’s a bouquet of various flowers – the Journal this month! A must-read article by the Founder Shri Yogendraji titled Monistic Aim of Life as also the Q&A part of Dr Saheb’s article will throw light on many aspects of life. Learn how purification processes – the Kriyas – help. This time we cover Kapalarandhradhauti – forehead/facial massage. Articles expressing gratitude towards Yoga for reasons such as health, personal relationships, overcoming anger, frustration and depression. You could find THE solution to your problems, if any. “We cause our own problems and diseases, and it is we who can solve them best.”


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