Yoga and Total Health

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`Yoga and Total Health’ is a monthly journal on the Yoga way of life; it was first issued in 1933. Edited and published by Smt Hansaji, the magazine includes inspiring write-ups by the late Shri Yogendraji, the late Dr. Jayadeva, Smt. Hansaji, news, and other interesting articles by sadhakas, sattvic recipes, humour etc.


December 2018 Issue

Food for thought in this month’s journal… Ordinary individuals can do extra ordinary things. Dr Jayadeva acknowledges the contribution of such an ordinary individual in the progress of the Yoga Institute. Is thinking an action? How much thought is needed before acting? Understand the relation between thought and action with Hansaji Yogendra. We are in a constant mode of accumulating… Does giving work? The Yoga Institute, established in the year 1918, completes 100 years on 25th December 2018. The Harmony Festival has been organized on 28th December to recognize the centenary year. Please do join us if possible (details inside the journal)


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