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The Yoga Institute, the oldest organized Yoga center in the world, spreads out high and wide to accommodate specially designed indoor and outdoor areas. Home to multiple, indoor asana halls that span over 14,000 square feet, the institute is spacious to accommodate up to thousands of yoga practitioners at the same time. These well-ventilated and well-lit spaces are designed to make people of various backgrounds and age-groups feel at ease to practice asanas, pranayamas or even meditate. Fitted with the latest audio-video equipment, the halls are ideal to conduct lectures as well as other interactive events and camps.


Whether it’s a large-scale practice session, a mid-level class, or just a small meeting of people with shared interests, The Yoga Institute welcomes all to indulge in the inspirational, peaceful and joyous energies of the space.


Though sufficient Yoga mats are available for the duration of the class, sadhaks can use their own mats too. The Yoga halls are open from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm every day.


Rooftop Space


Elevating the blissful experience is the expansive rooftop space which is ideal for practicing Yoga in the open. Rendering stunning views of the city’s skylines, the 4000 sq. feet terrace is most sought to gaze at the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

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