Intensive Three Months Yoga Teacher Certification Course

The Yoga Institute is one of the oldest organised yoga centres in the world. We are the first (Quality Council India) QCI certified Yoga Teacher Training School in India offering Yoga Teacher Certification. We have worked towards adhering to the distinction and quality standards since 1918. A therapeutic holistic wellness heaven, dedicated towards the cause of Yoga teaching, learning and training.

Since 1918, the Institute has successfully trained more than 50,000 Yoga teachers who are teaching true Ashtanga or Classical Yoga across the globe.

We offer relaxing sanctuary amidst the urban setting (Mumbai financial Capital of India). A lush green campus with a cosy setting that expedites the Yoga Teacher Certification and training.

Yoga Teacher Certification

The intensive three months Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) course in English will be the foundational stone to advance your Yoga practice, teaching and to feel acquainted with different aspects of Yoga and Yogic lifestyle.

If you are an aspirant working towards acquiring a reliable Yoga Teacher Certification, you are in good hands. We have designed the curriculum and refined it for the last 100 years to make it an all-inclusive experience for all the participants. All the Yoga Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and Meditation techniques have been simplified keeping for their benefits intact. Yoga Teacher Training course efficiently sequenced and flawless execution for better understanding.

The uniqueness of this course is that you do not need to memorise or do any kind of rote learning. Yoga is taught as an experiential science making Yoga Teacher Certification process very simple. It is all about you, and this is the place where you are going to find your individual uniqueness. This Yoga Teacher Certification will give the needed recognition not just in India only but all over the world!

Join the course and refine the skills to teach Yoga Asanas, Pranayamas and Kriyas gaining a solid foundation in the Ashtanga or Classical Yoga tradition. Deepen your spiritual experience in yoga and open yourself to an insightful transformation from within. In this intensive three months Yoga Teacher Training course (TTC) you will establish a firm discipline that stimulates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. A strong base naturally guarantees required confidence and skills to teach others.

The 3 months Teachers’ Training Course (TTC) was originally based on the ancient Gurukul System of India where student and teacher lived together. But considering the busy lifestyle non-residential option is also, available.  However, you will get to benefit from the traditional Ashram layout with contemporary amenities.  You get to closely interact with our experienced and devoted teachers and staff who are living examples of the yogic lifestyle. Connected to an ancient teaching lineage, i.e. passed down from Guru to disciple through many years. The course designed is extensive and covers both theory and practical.


Why should anyone enrol in our intensive three months Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  • Planned, structured and comprehensive Training program
  • The transformational journey that has been specifically designed so that maximum personal, as well as professional growth, is possible.
  • Classical or Ancient Yoga Techniques based on Ashtanga Yoga that is recognised both locally as well as globally
  • Due weightage has been given to Theory (History of Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga) and Practical (Effective training methodologies)
  • Experienced, dedicated and teachers who embody classical yoga as a way of living. Expertise’s that go beyond physical Yoga asanas teaching and emphasis is on Self-Study-oriented projects, lessons and assessments.
  • A good amount of personal attention and care is provided during the duration of entire coursework.
  • Vast collection of in-house published yoga books by experts, therapy best seller books, journals and good collection of ancient scriptures and records on Yoga asana, Yoga therapy, Ancient Yoga history, classical yoga, Yoga healing techniques etc
  • Applied anatomy and physiology to help body systems better. Good training is given on the working knowledge of all the body systems example- digestive system, nervous system, hormonal system, circulatory system etc. Yoga techniques modified, so that you can confidently assist your students during actual yoga teaching sessions.
  • Open free book club on campus
  • Double Yoga Teacher Certification option available with a globally recognised program. On successful completion of the program, you get to give QCI (Quality Council India) exam from the TYI campus itself.
  • This unique Yoga Teacher Training program will transform you into a dedicated and vibrant teacher who can create an atmosphere of Yoga and learning. The course will help you to gain a deep experience of the concept yoga teaching. As Yoga deals with life and learning, how these concepts can be integrated into real life situations through various methods will also be covered.
  • Yoga Teacher Certification program will prepare the participants physically as well as mentally for the integration of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abilities.
  • Coursework and Yoga education help its participants become more self-discipline and in-control, leading to better awareness, concentration and ability to achieve a higher level of consciousness. Briefly, the aims and objectives of Yoga Teacher Certification program include – Better personal health and mental hygiene, emotional stability, integrated moral values and a better grasp of consciousness. Guided meditations, how to control the mind, Aum and mantra chanting, group discussions, and much more…
  • TYI Yoga Teacher Training Course will help to equip oneself with basic knowledge about one’s personality and develop a discriminative mind capable of facing the dualities of life with equanimity.
  • Robust concepts are explained as they are necessary for teaching Yoga efficiently. Yoga practices are built around concepts like conditioning (preparation), concentration, synchronisation, relaxation, and self-reliance. (These have been expounded in “Teaching Yoga” – a publication of The Yoga Institute. Yoga teaching/learning should be experience based, i.e. the student should gain direct experience of the subject taught. Here the skill and knowledge of the teacher come into play.)

By the end of the Yoga Teacher Certification program, you will find that various Yoga techniques have improved your personal attitude; you have developed a better stamina and a heightened awareness and balanced approach for every professional and social activity you have been engaged in.

Yoga Teacher Certification has been made very easy at The Yoga Institute. Payment options also include payment on instalment basis so why wait and delay any-longer enrol today and become a successful and qualified Yoga teacher.  A dual Yoga Teacher Certification is just a click away.

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    Want to enroll in the 3 months intensive yoga training course.kindly guide me the procedure to it and when is the upcoming batch.

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