Yoga tips to boost fertility

Rough estimates indicate that nearly 30 million couples in India suffer from infertility. For more than most women becoming a mother is a cherished wish. For some women, conception is much easier, but for some it’s an uphill struggle. Here are some quick Yoga basics and vital tips that help to boost the fertility in women.

Yoga is a way of life that gives exact guidance and understanding on how to achieve holistic health on mind, body and spirit level. Stress is a major hindrance most couples face every day and eventually it affects the fertility as well.

Here are some quick yoga basics and tips that can be easily done from the comfort of your own home to boost fertility

Reduce Stress with Yoga

Yoga asanas helps achieve physical flexibility and vitality.

Recommended asanas that help stimulate the ovary functions

Paschimottanasana -The Paschimottanasana is a forwarding bending asana that helps to stimulate the abdominal region, ovaries and uterus. This asana helps open up the lower back, hamstrings and hips. When done regularly helps to relieve depression and stress.

Hastapadasana -Hastapadasana is a forward bending asana where you touch the hands to your feet. It provides full stretch to the spine and all the back muscles thereby improving the blood flow towards the pelvic region and head region. The Pituitary gland function is improved and hormonal system is benefitted and compression on abdominal region helps the ovary function.

Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand- This pose involves balancing the body on to your shoulders. This pose also increases the blood flow towards the head region and benefits the hormonal gland pituitary. The uterus is also benefited once you relax the pelvis.

Pranayama Yoga helps calm the mental faculties and benefits the nervous system. Hormonal system is benefited and stress hormones (cortisol) levels are lowered when mind is calm and peaceful. Improves oxygen levels in blood detoxifies the body and circulatory system is benefited.

Recommended easy to do it yourself pranayama yoga

Yogendra Pranayam IV (Abdominal breathing) Yogendra breathing techniques help relax the tight muscles and connective tissues. This helps create a positive condition and frame of mind required for a pregnancy. Watch the video for details

Anulom Vilom Pranayama this is known to detoxify the blood and balanced the nadis or pranic channels.

Meditation techniques help improve peace of mind and ensure quality of sleep. Through relaxation is a must to create a harmonious environment a perquisite to get pregnant.

Shavasana is a conscious relaxation technique that helps relieve stress and achieve peaceful rest. It is very simple yoga pose yet powerful as it helps in enriching the state of mind; making you more optimistic. Watch the video for details.

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