‘ॐ’- AUM a success mantra?

– AUM a success mantra?

Ancient Indian scriptures such as the Upanisads (Mundaka, Mandukya, Svetasvatara & Katha); Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra; and the Bhagvad Gita all have mentioned it in great detail.

Yoga Sutra 1.27, “Tasya Vachakah Pranavah”, meaning ॐ or AUM (Pranava) is the word denoting supreme consciousness or God. Besides being easier to pronounce, it is very practical to use. Spirituality lays emphasis on Aum because ancient yogis discovered that it is a useful sacred syllable that alters the state of consciousness and helps spiritual progress towards realizing the ultimate union with the highest reality.

Om or Aum is called the bija sound (seed), ‘the sound’ from which all other sounds of the world are generated. Aum is considered to represent God, Creator, and Universal Consciousness because it has the power to create everything.

Various scientific studies done on AUM suggest that the repetition of Aum results in improved physiological functioning. It has a calming effect on the psychological level. Also known as the ‘sound of the universe,’ since various countries recorded the same sound waves and frequency (by way of using various scientific measuring instruments sent out of earth’s orbit.)

Benefits and Significance of or AUM (Pranava) 

  • Everything in the universe is vibrating and nothing is at a standing still.  Aum when chanted, vibrates at around 432 Hz frequency, which is found throughout nature.
  • The sound of AUM, mainly consisting of the three letters A, U, and M. It is like the sound of a gong that should gradually tapers’ as it merges into blissful silence. Yoga teachings consider the syllable AUM to be anecdotal. Reciting or contemplating about AUM results in reaching a higher state of consciousness and quietens the mind.
  • Chanting Aum brings into your awareness the corporeal reality, subtle impressions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, your life in relation to this world.
  • Tremendously helpful in slowing down the nervous system and calming the mind (effects are comparable to meditation.) When the mind is relaxed, health benefits are multiple like blood pressure decreases, heart rate improves and the  hormonal system is rejuvenated.
  • Aum is truly an experience, it is multifaceted and omnipotent. It embodies “Ananda” to be blissfully one with all things. Reading texts and words can help the mind understand but it cannot truly give you the experience. Chant the mantra with your family or friends and allow the experience to soak into your being. Feel the power of the vibrations move from the low abdomen to the chest and all the way to the top of the head. Let the positive vibrations cleanse your energy and all the system and all the chakras. Experience the wholeness healing with this easy to remember mantra.

Let’s dispel a common misunderstanding associated with chanting Aum; It is more about the essence of AUM it has nothing to do with religion! An amazing technique that all people of varied faiths can utilize to bring about focus, peace, and awareness to experience the higher consciousness and realize a greater meaning of life.

A simple breathing exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. Aum can be done in two ways chanted out loud or can be done internally.

Chanting out loud- Sit in any meditative posture like Sukhasana or padmasana.  Take a deep breath hold and exhale as long as you can. Chanting should be as loud as possible. Starts with A to U and ends with Mmmm (making a sound like a bumble bee.) Ensure stomach is empty. This is known as rechaka pranayama.

Internal Chanting- As you inhale internally chant A, U and while you are exhaling Mmm should be chanted in the mind.

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