10 yogic ideas to celebrate Earth Day

Nature resilience is remarkable yet with years of abuse at the hands of modern civilization has seen global warming, massive oils spills, deforestation and destruction of natural eco-system at an alarming rate. We can learn kindness from nature inspite of all this she still rewards us with precious gifts of air, food and water.

A global campaign was thus spearheaded focusing on these issues and a record 5000 environmental groups and world leaders joined hands with citizens around the world to take measures and decisive action on global warming and working in conserving clean energy for generations to come by.

Mark your calendar this Earth Day and try out few yogic ideas. Keep your body eco-system and surroundings filled with positive clean energy.

10 Yogic tips and ideas to celebrate Earth Day

  1. Go outside and express “the attitude of gratitude” to Mother Nature. Practice the yoga asanas outdoors with Yogendra rhythm and correct bhava’s.
  2. Detox your mind and practise Ahimsa not just on physical level, but on mental level as well
  3. Mindfulness is the key in practicing yoga on a daily basis. This Earth Day cut back on over water consumption in showers and over flushing of toilets. Recycle water. Use this recycled water for your plants.
  4. Meditate and try to connect to nature and yourself. Experience peaceful frame of mind within. Chakra healing meditation or guided meditation is recommended.
  5. Conserve energy and go for a digital detox, unplug social media, internet and TV. Practice “Mauna” silence this day and conserve nature’s precious gift ‘bio-energy’ within.
  6. Earth gives support and assures us that we are not alone. She offers a celebratory shades of different greens that relaxes us. Next time you are disturbed just a walk on green grass and feel how nature relaxes you.
  7. Nourish your senses and mind with Yogendra Pranayama’s. Feel the rejuvenating breathe and gift of oxygen from Mother Nature. Heal the mind and body and be grateful for Prakriti’s precious green plants. You can plant trees in your house, lawn or balcony this Earth Day. The natural fragrance of moist earth after a very hot summer relaxes us. The soothing fragrance is so relaxing and calming.
  8. Earth and mother nature teaches us to be tolerant and take things in your stride.
  9. Practice -Maitri, karuna, mudita and upeksha. These parikarmas help to give positive energy to close ones and surroundings.
  10. Diet -Go vegan today; recommend organically grown fresh seasonal veggies and fresh fruits. This will help Mother Nature from harmful overuse of pesticides. Not to mention reduce weight is a natural by-product if you follow yogic diet sincerely. Another idea to reduce weight green way-Attending yoga class today?opt for car-pooling or take public transport. Cycling is a good warm-up, go for it.

Thus, this Earth Day celebrate the clean energy and renew your mind, body and soul with these yogic tips. Happy Earth Day!

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