15 May – International Day of Families 2018 – Celebrate with Yoga

In 2018 annual observation of the 15 May-International Day of Families with a unique theme “Families and inclusive societies” is the perfect time to celebrate your family. Explore the role of yoga a sustainable practice that is very helpful in promoting peaceful inclusion for happier families and societies.

Yoga is uniting the whole world into a big family. Mark your calendar for 15 May-International Day of Families and join in the yoga way of life with your whole family. Yoga provides a perfect opportunity to spend healthy and happy moments with your family and close ones. Celebrate this day and experience peace and bliss with yoga.

Few pointers to celebrate all inclusive 15 May-International Day of Families

  1. Switch off the mobile phones, iPods and TVs, no other duties; it’s just you and your family. You might be surprised, at the immediate peace and tranquility.
  2. Set aside day and time for quality family time. Play board games, each member tell five jokes, etc.
  3. Reflect together- Why we get angry? If you get angry, learn to help each family member and how to voice it correctly. For example- Moms generally get mad if wet towel on the bed. Respect her rules there is a reason. While family time is on they should be no peaking on mobile screens it’s disrespectful to other members who are trying to enjoy.
  4. Find solutions and not problems in one another. Don’t get angry or hurt unnecessarily. Ask correct questions without being hurtful.
  5. Arrange annual family picnics, movies and get-to-gathers as a team. Each member picks tasks to contribute and function as a team.
  6. A family is very important, celebrate and cherish the time and yoga done with your spouses, children, parents, and even grandparents. You can get to enjoy asana practising together and reinforce the family bonds and have fun.

In our constant daily struggles and tussles to juggle different responsibilities time is limited. We have started to take things very seriously. This has taken a toll on all our relationships. Today marks an important event ‘International family day 2018’ so make the most of it. Plan a small cosy yoga session for near and dear ones.

Simple Yoga Techniques that All can Perform Together –

Yoga Stretching exercises

Head and Neck exercises: Gently, as you inhale, allow your head to drop towards your left shoulder without lifting the shoulder. Exhaling, bring it back to the centre.  Repeat on left side. Inhaling, tilt the head backwards without moving the shoulders. Gaze upward and backwards at the ceiling. Exhaling, bring the head down towards the throat, tucking the chin into the throat cavity. Inhaling, return to the centre. Rotate neck gently in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Shoulders: Keep the hands by the sides. Inhaling, lift the shoulders as high up as possible, towards the ears, to form a “cup”. Exhaling, relax the shoulders.  (If frozen shoulder refrain from doing it)

Hands: Clasp the hands in front of the chest; intertwining the fingers and palms facing the chest. Inhaling, stretch them outwards, parallel to the floor.  Exhaling, bring them close to the chest.  Variation while stretching the hands, turn the palms out, away from the chest.

Elbows: Raise both the arms in front, at shoulder level. Inhale. Exhaling, bend the elbows and touch the shoulder with fingers.  Inhaling, straighten the arms again. Keep repeating few times.

Wrists: Raise arms in front, at shoulder level. Close the fingers and rotate the fist–clockwise and then anti-clockwise

Trunk: Stand straight, with feet 24 inches apart with hands on the waist. Gazing straight ahead, slowly bend the trunk to the right, inhaling.  Keep the hips and legs fixed, only curve the spine. Exhaling return to the centre. Repeat the above, to the left.

Knees: Stand erect, gazing straight ahead. Tighten the knees and then relax it, alternately.

Ankles: Gazing straight ahead, balance the body on the left leg and lift the right leg up from the hips. Bend the right knee to keep the thigh parallel to the floor. Now, holding the right thigh up supported with hands, point the toes outwards and then inwards, few times. Repeat for the left leg.

Pranayama: Yogendra Pranayama I, II, III AND IV can be safely done by all.

Practice Pranayama I watch the video for details

Yoga Asanas:

Recommended Yoga Asanas

Watch the video for more details:

Relaxation Techniques:

  • Shavasana watch video for details

So relax in ancient classical yoga style and feel the bliss with your family.  A happy family is an essential unit for stronger, productive, happier and healthier nation. It is also a fundamental solution to world harmony and peace. So this 15 May-International Day of Families try yoga, Family who does yoga together, stays together!

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