3 “Must knows” about humans and human relationship

Humans are social beings, and human relationships are an eventuality. Today, in our fast-paced life, we all are somewhere struggling with our relationships. To be successful with our relationships, we need to know and understand a few things.


About Humans –


To err is human and to forgive is divine” This is so true. We, as humans constantly make mistakes, and we want forgiveness when we make errors, right? So try to extend the same courtesy to people who made mistakes with you.


Respect viewpoints. Give respect and take respect. Keep it simple. Don’t unnecessarily complicate things. Sometimes in life when you find some people where you have hit your limit and you can’t give respect, nor can you take respect, then what to do? Remain neutral. Walk away, but keep your head cool and calm.


Everyone is different. Accept the differences. There is a reason for it. Embrace each other’s differences, be it caste, creed, religion or culture, say thank you and learn and grow from it. The world would be pretty much dull and boring if all of us were the same.


Three must knows “C’s” about human relationships.


You can’t Change others – Accept people as they are. Give them space and learn to grow with them. Every one of us is entitled to their opinions. Work towards finding a middle ground to work things out. Do not force your opinion on others. Also do not expect you have the ability to changes others. 


Communication is the key to a successful relationship—Voice your feelings and talk. Stay in touch. When you need to be left alone, voice it, but communicate daily. Do not yell at each other. Give time to the other to think things over. Don’t rush him or her. Try not to hold on to extreme attitudes or solutions. Be soft and gentle. Good communication skills will make your relationships less stressful and more efficient. Do not raise your hand or voice. Work towards making a stronger argument, for that it is possible and does not require that you yell! 


Compassion Warmth and care are essential for a lasting relationship. When we treat everyone as our friend compassion becomes a habit. True understanding can move mountains. Be there for each other. In your dealings with others ensure you treat each other with respect and kindness. Avoid being rude or using harsh words. 

If anything COVID pandemic has brought to our notice how vital human relationships can be to get through these tough times. 


Cherish your relationships and be grateful for the people in your life. Every day set aside some time for the ones you love and build a strong foundation with open communication, care and closeness. Leave your commitment fears behind and smile each day to celebrate the relationships this year. To sum up, as Mother Sita Devi always said, “Action and reaction are animalistic. Humans respond” so be a little classy this year and be kind to others. 

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