3 Tips to Practically Inculcate Jnana Bhava

Now that we know what is Jnana Bhava, if you haven’t read that blog, “click here” to read it. Let us now talk about how we can inculcate it and develop concentration and knowledge in our personality.

We must always strive for knowledge. After all, it is only through knowledge that we can reach our optimum level. By default, all of us keep acquiring knowledge all the time, be it knowingly or unknowingly. For example, a child would definitely not touch a vessel again, if once he would’ve burnt his finger with it. We can gain knowledge from anything and everything, right from how we sit or stand, to observing nature, to even how your body reacts when you stretch or bend.


Here are 3 tips to develop and practice Jnana Bhava:

1. Reading Books and Associating with Spiritual Communities:

Man is known by the company he keeps, whether it is the company of people or even books. You are what you constantly expose yourself to. The books and our communities are of one of the best places to gain knowledge. We constantly keep learning from these sources. There are 3 more ways to understand and absorb your knowledge in this category:

– Shravan: We must make reading a permanent habit in our routines. Read good books like philosophical scriptures to widen your horizons and deepen your understanding. This habit will only give you the right perception of yourself and the world around you.

– Manan: Mere reading isn’t enough. You must try to take pointers and key learnings from your lessons, readings, and listenings. Always take the time to reflect on whatever new knowledge that you have gained.

– Nidhidyasan: Your knowledge won’t be of any use if you don’t apply it or practice it. Try to apply the knowledge into your daily living and practice it religiously. Your knowledge will only be fruitful when it is applicable to ease your living.


2. Activities involving Concentration:

Each and every mind has the superpower to concentrate. Concentration and one-pointedness are the game changers that can make or break your task at hand. There are certain fun activities that we can undertake to enhance this superpower of ours like:

– Balancing a book on your head

– Carrying a glass full of water without spilling it

– Revolving and managing your day around one object only


3. Yogic Techniques:

Before taking any action, we must try to soak in as much knowledge as possible about it. Try to make it a habit to learn not only from your own mistakes but also from other’s mistakes. There is absolutely nothing known as ‘failure’. Success is only when you learn from your mistakes, work around it and learn from it, and apply it. We must keep learning and keep succeeding, without boosting the ego. Try to understand that your learnings and differ from somebody else’s learning. It is only through true knowledge and understanding that can set you free from pain and suffering.

Instead of questioning “Who am I?” try to understand the subtleties behind it. Instead of saying ‘I am angry’, try to understand why are you angry, what is making you angry, and what can you do about it. If you don’t know and don’t understand the subtleties behind what makes you or what you desire, how will you ever know who you really are?

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