4 Yoga Asanas’ to Celebrate The Earth Day

4 Yoga Asanas’ to Celebrate The Earth Day

Everything in nature (including all plants, animals and humans) are made up of 5 basic elements or ‘Panchmaha bhootas.’ Panch means five; maha means supreme, and bhootas means powers. The five basic elements include- earth, fire, water, air, and ether (space.)

Read more about Panchmaha Bhoota https://theyogainstitute.org/panchmahabhoota-5-elements/

Yogis studied and understood the elements to attain superior health, power, wisdom and bliss. Our human bodies are made from the components of the planet, and we are not separate. We have to acknowledge this genuinely; this leads our path towards the vital spiritual first step of Yoga (Yama)—ahimsa. Non-violence and adopting friendliness towards every element and every person we meet.

Make a difference this Earth Day and get out celebrating with eco-friendly yogic ideas. In all humility thank ‘mother earth’ today.

  1. Practice Yoga with nature’s bounty

Feel your soul and body connected to the ground, fresh air in your lungs and bow down in gratitude to Mother Earth and Nature. Practice dedicated 4 Yoga Asanas’ to celebrate the Earth Day. (Given below)

  • Talasana or the Tree Pose – A powerful pose based on Palm tree teaching us to stretch and extend out boundaries. This ‘earth day’ connect with nature and standing tall. Expansion of the mind along with body is the real benefit.

Watch the video How to do Talasna

Feel the energy and powerful connection to the Earth. Rooted to the ground a sense of rejuvenation goes right from the feet, through the legs to the body and fingertips. Toes to fingers whole body feel energised.

  • Parvatasana or the mountain pose – As the name suggests, it derives the benefits from the qualities of a mountain- stability, persistence and strength. A grounded life helps you to take all the ups-and-downs of life in your stride.

“Being with nature and elements, you can get tremendous energy, strength and clarity in life”-Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

  • Balasana or the Child’s Pose – In all humility bow respectfully to Mother Earth. De-clutter your mind, body and emotions.
    Lush green earth or sea sand beneath your feet always feels nice. Find an enjoyable, levelled spot and come onto your hands and knees. Allow your knees to spread out (little wider than your hips.) Bring your toes together behind you. Now, lower down and rest your buttocks on your heels. If you feel any discomfort here, slip a blanket between your heels & your bottom for support. Bend forward with arms stretched. The neck is stretched, the belly is loose, breath is deep with gratitude and regard for the constant support from the ground. Reach your hands and fingers out long and enjoy the extra space. Gently kiss your forehead down-to-the-Earth.
  • Shavasana or the corpse pose – Whenever physical or mental fatigue is experienced, or the mind is agitated; the practice of Shavasana is the best. Surrendering to mother earth and letting go. Then true relaxation is experienced. This pose would mean a complete resignation of the body to the laws of gravity, the mind to nature and the entire energy transferred to a deep dynamic breathing. The complete relaxation of the voluntary muscles at once transfers the energy to the involuntary parts. This transfer of energy by voluntary action and the involuntary reaction produces the necessary equilibrium for the renewal of strength.

Watch Video How to do Shavasana

  1. Purify the Chitta

Turn off the Cell phones, wifi’s, and computers, and spend time with family instead. Human personality cannot be devoid of emotions until it achieves complete control over the mind. So, a few yogic concepts and techniques, e.g. Parikarmas, Pratipaksha Bhavana and Anitya Bhavana are recommended to purify the Chitta.

  1. Mindful of earth resources

Reduce Water Consumption and carbon footprint. Close the water taps correctly. Recycle water and cut few minutes from your shower time. Switch off unnecessary lights, fans, AC, computer, internet, and TV when not in use.

Why wait? This is an ideal time for 4 Yoga Asanas’ to celebrate the Earth Day. Reaffirm your intention and today perform your yoga practice with gratitude. Repay mother earth by sending the loving kindness for all she has provided. Make this an unforgettable day and invite friends and family- The best way of doing 4 Yoga Asanas’ to celebrate the Earth Day!

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