5 powerful ways to pause

5 Powerful Ways to Hit The ‘Pause’ Button

Do you find yourself running from one task to the other? Do you often say ‘I’m busy’ and not go for recreational activities or family engagements?’

You may be pushing past your limits and reaching a breakdown. It might be time to push the ‘pause’ button to rejuvenate and start living a holistic life.

It may seem ironical, but sometimes you need to stop in order to get ahead.

In our fast-paced lives where we eat fast, work fast, move quickly, party fast, and are not accustomed to slow down for anything. Like in a traffic jam, we honk continuously and are getting impatient to move ahead. When in a queue our mind is losing control, and we keep looking at the watch and get restless.

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We are constantly jumping and racing t to get ahead of others! Fortunately, to hit the pause in life, we don’t need others, and the much-needed breathing space is all ours. It’s time we pause a little and enjoy the benefits of slow life.

Success Mantra for 5 Powerful Ways to Hit the ‘Pause’ Button:

Be present:

Awareness is the key. It’s important to focus on the present and not spread yourself thin. Prioritize essential tasks for every day. Be more observant of people, nature, and environment surrounding you. Reflection techniques help the cause of self-study and sharpen the ability to be present in each and every moment.

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Most times we spent long hours on the computer even as homemakers don’t take a break. When we indulge in activities like this, it keeps us stressed and our nerves remain agitated. It’s time to take charge of your senses. And turn inwards at this time. The practices of Pratyahara, Yoni Mudra, Nisphpanda Bhava have pioneered techniques that help to disconnect the senses from the outside world and help to enhance inner peace.


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Eat slowly and chew well:

When it comes to eating, habits are very important. Eating food fast and eating like a chore causes stomach and digestion problems. Being grateful and mindful of the food we eat every day helps. Chewing well helps to mix food with saliva in our mouths, so proper digestion starts in the mouth. Appreciate the textures, variety, colours and flavours. Switch to Sattvik Vegetarian meals for a week and experience the difference it makes to your system.

Mindful Meditation:

We have all experienced stress and anxiety in our lives. Breath is the key to hit the pause button and feel re-energized. Breath Meditation is a powerful tool to slow down and feel empowered. All pranayamas help to hit the pause button and release negative thoughts and quieten the mind. Try abdominal breathing exercises like Pranayama and Anulom-Vilom Pranayama as they are revolutionary techniques and very effective stress busters.

5 powerful ways to pause

Focus on real people:

Digital and modern gadgets keep us informed but not connected. When you spend quality time with friends, family & people and give social media a rest it really helps. Trekking, Traveling, picnics are a fun way to slow down and enjoy.

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In order to follow fast-paced lives, we are self-destructing our health & well-being and inviting health issues like ingestion, gastric, acidity problems, High BP, Diabetes, ulcers, hormonal imbalances, relationship issues, emotional issues, etc.

Let us embrace our self and hit the pause button. Pause the judging and flash a smile, pause the assumptions and ask, pause the accusing and start loving. Pause the reactions and learn the art of responding. Practice the pause and breathe easy.

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