5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

Top 5 Reasons To Meditate

Our houses accumulate dirt and muck every day. We clean it and tidy up each day. Similarly, our mind needs timely cleaning and upkeep, and mediation is the way to do it. Meditation holds multiple benefits. So let us learn about the top 5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate.

  1. Gain Inner tranquillity and peace

Let go sums it all. Through meditation, one can learn and practice the art of letting go each day.  Let go of unnecessary clutter and emotions which are not relevant to your life any more.  Forgive your enemies and face your demons. Just your room requires cleaning your get emotions and negativity cleanse when you meditate.


Nisarga yoga

  1. Reduces the mind chatter & you live in the present

On an average, there are about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a human mind thinks each day. A destructive process and most are energy draining thoughts. Meditation increases self-awareness and helps to overcome this bad habit. You learn to stop getting caught up in the past or future and remain unaffected by challenges of life.  Meditation helps to hone in calm, focused, receptive while living fully in the present. Happiness quotient increases. You learn to see the brighter things in life.


benefits of meditation

  1. Increases Your Productivity

About 85 % of the populous uses just 1% of their brain.  The remaining 99% is not tapped into. The power of subconscious is increased due to self-awareness. Meditation rejuvenates the mind and improves your energy levels and thereby your productivity is increased.

  1. Helps to Cures Insomnia

Unchecked thought cycle is vicious and when it goes unchecked results in nervousness, stress and dejection. Meditation clears out the mental clutter. Before going to bed each day focus on one object and meditate for 15 minutes.  You will experience deep, restful sleep.

  1. Spiritual Connection revitalised

Meditating each day revitalises your spiritual connection to higher reality. Most successful people term it as sixth sense or intuition! It gives in insights of your purpose in life and how to get there. Success to meditation is doing it each day at a specific time and place. It helps immensely be it mantra meditation, music meditation, guided meditation or Yoga Nidra. These are various paths, but the goal is the same.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate and make the most of what life has to offer. Derive more out of life each day and don’t hesitate to meditate. Learn Yoga and meditation from one the oldest organised Yoga centres in the world! Join us at The Yoga Institute.

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