500 hour yoga teacher training in India

Benefits of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

500 hour yoga teacher training in India (ATTC-Advance teacher training) at The Yoga Institute (TYI) is Yoga Alliance (USA), and QCI (Quality Council India) approved. It is a well-planned and organised programme for advance Yoga teacher training. This teacher training programme is designed to strengthen your basic learning and Yoga practice and concepts.

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra is currently the Director of The Yoga Institute, distinguished Chairperson of the yoga certification committee for Quality Council of India (QCI) & President of International Board of Yoga. Over the past five decades, she has made a significant contribution in areas like yoga education, research, experiential learning, standardisation of yoga practices and management has been widely recognised.

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The guidelines comply with International standards and include instructional programme, internship programme, self-study, self-assessment and assignments, submissions and examinations.

As a successful yoga teacher you will need explicit cutting-edge skills and thus the 500 hour Yoga teacher training is designed to accomplish those needs.

500 hour yoga teacher training in India has an easy to understand syllabus and it includes-


  • History and Background of Yoga
  • Modern Physical Approach and the Impact of Materialism
  • Technology of Yoga
  • Mystics, Mysticism and Yoga
  • Yoga Ideology
  • Yoga way of life – Evaluation
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
  • The fundamental concepts covered – Vrittis, Ishwarpranidhana, abhyasa-vairagya, Kleshas, pratyahara, Yamas, Niayamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana-Dhyana-Samadhi, Antaraya/Vikshepa, Sahabhuva, Dharma/Lakshana/Avastha Parinama, Kriya Yoga, Karma theory.
  • Samkhya- Familiarity with the 72 Karikas of Ishvarakrishna with commentary of Vachaspati Mishra (Tattwa Kaumudi). Specific focus on the concepts to enhance the understanding of the Yoga sutras, e.g. Purusha and Prakriti, the 25 tattvas, then of Gunas as the constituent of Prakriti. Besides, knowledge of the traits (the Bhavas) of Buddhi (the intellect) is given, with intention to study their effects on life and life forms.
  • Bhagwad Geeta-This class takes students through selected shlokas of the Bhagwad Geeta – its understanding, interpretation and the application of its essence to daily life.
  • Bhavas Of Buddhi – Basis Of Yoga Education
  • Hathyoga Pradipika & Gheranda Samhita
  • Psychology- These sessions aim to making students familiar with Concepts of cognition, perception, Theories of cognition and non-cognition, Personality traits and classification etc.
  • Anatomy–Physiology And Yoga Therapy- A general understanding of the principal organs in each system; their overall structure and location. The nine Major systems of the body with their primary functions and the effect of Yoga practices on each of them.
  • Yogic Diet- Principles for longevity
  • Yoga Techniques and Asanas or Yoga postures
  • Shat Kriyas- Purification techniques
  • Pranayamas- Yogic breathing techniques
  • Yogendra Conceptual Techniques
  • Mantra Chanting and Meditation skills
  • Communication skills, Methodology of Teaching & Practice Teaching. The study of ethical guidelines that a yoga teacher must accomplish in order to maintain a better student-teacher relationship
  • Exams and Evaluations- At the end of the course, students who have the stipulated attendance and they have completed the mandated assignments, can register with the course co-ordinator to give the final exams (Theory & Practical’s). Students are required to pass both the Theory and Practical’s. The minimum passing mark for each is 50%

Benefits of 500 hour yoga teacher training in India are multiple-

  1. We are one of the oldest organized Yoga institutes in the world established since 1918. TYI is a Pioneer in yoga teacher training for almost a 100 years. We are the first QCI (Quality Council India) certified Yoga teacher training school in India.
  2. You benefit because you have the triple certification advantage- Government of India (QCI), Yoga Alliance and TYI certification which is recognised worldwide.
  3. In-depth theory and practical knowledge.
  4. A distinct advantage of hands-on experience in live Health and Wellness camps.
  5. It is a very cost-effective programme and fees affordability.
  6. Sattvic Diet option available on campus.
  7. In-house bookstore and on-campus yoga library with an array of Yoga publications related books, journals and research papers etc.
  8. Opportunity to learn about ancient Indian culture.
  9. Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is a cultural melting pot that offers total yoga learning. Urbane setting yet keeping the ambiance conducive to Yoga learning.
  10. Encourages personal and spiritual development. Once you begin the yoga practices you will notice the changes in your attitude and thinking patterns. Better confidence, calmer approach, balanced emotions, happiness, confidence, better relations all are natural outcomes with practiced yoga with dedication.
  11. Empowers you to lead a more holistic life.
  12. The TYI’s convenient location and easy accessibility from the International Airport make it a natural choice. Experience one acre of green heaven and Yoga living with The Yoga Institute.

Sharpen and polish your skills and become a professionally qualified yoga teacher. Why wait any longer enrol for the 500-hour yoga teacher training in India today! Read more about the various options available in 500 hour yoga teacher training in India https://theyogainstitute.org/

Checkout The Yoga Institute Branches in Mumbaihttps://theyogainstitute.org/our-branches/

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  • Marina Millar
    Posted at 13:47h, 04 June Reply

    Hello there,
    I was interested in your 500 hr yoga teachers program. I have already completed a 200hr accredited yoga TTC and was wondering if you also offered a 300hr TTC in order for me to still achieve a 500 accreditation?
    I live in Australia , so I would be looking at the availability of a residential program.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Neha
    Posted at 03:43h, 09 June Reply

    Interested when is the start date for it…500 hrs of yoga training

  • Kavita Paresh Shah
    Posted at 11:53h, 15 June Reply

    Interested in 500 hours course
    I have completed the 7-month TTC
    I would like to update myself and sharpen
    my skills further
    I would like to know all the details

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