7 Reasons why you should meditate?

7 Reasons why you should meditate?

The tradition of meditation dates back to 1700 B.C. The highest yogic goal well defined, i.e. mental purification through self-knowledge and awareness. Classical Yoga or Ashtanga yoga divides the yoga practice into codes of conduct, i.e. Yamas and Niyamas, Physical exercise through asana, breathing practices, i.e. pranayama, and contemplative practices of meditation namely-Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Self-development is the ultimate goal, and meditation techniques offer multiple benefits.

  1. Tranquillity

    Mental health is a vital component for the blossoming of the inner soul. Meditation is one of the simplest means that empowers an individual to lead a vividly healthy life. It helps to raise the consciousness levels and establishes inner tranquillity. Example- The house we live in, over a period accumulates dirt and gets disorganised. We keep our homes clean and neat so that we can improve our productivity.Similarly, our mind, body and spirit are just like our house over a period of time accumulates negative thoughts, energy and emotions. Regular meditation practice helps to quieten the feelings and overly active though process settles down.

  2. Mind Chatter eliminated

    We have more than 50,000 thoughts every single day be it positive or negative. Overthinking is a one of the major reason that drains us of our energy. By doing meditation, we initially observe the thoughts and slow attempt to reduce them.

  3. Improves mindfulness

    Regular meditation brings about self-awareness. You are more conscious of how much you think; what you feel and want. This improves decision making, and you are clear in your thinking.

  4. Objectivity is generated

    You slowing learn to become objective in life. An impartial observation is required so that you can stick to facts and no get swayed by emotions.

  5. Improves Relations

    Meditation, when done regularly, helps curtail the ego. You will form a habit of being an impartial observer making you grounded and detached. The tendency to handle stressful situations in life without getting swayed by emotions is generated, and this improves relations. You think before you decide to react or respond to any family situation.

  6. The present is enjoyable –

    Mostly we live in “ifs and buts” solemnly we think about living in the present. We are always worrying about the past or the future.  Cluttering the mind with possibilities that might fructify or maybe not. The brain is overworked to function properly in the present. Meditation helps bring about self-awareness and being more focused and receptive.

  7. Unlocking full potential

    Various researchers suggest that usually most of us use 5 % of our brain. Remaining 95% remains unused throughout the lifetime where most creative ideas lie. The 95% is the subconscious mind and meditation is the key to unlock this hidden potential.

So next time you are free and need to invest; invest in yourself and meditate. Apart from these reasons it helps cure insomnia, forgetfulness and rejuvenates your soul. So don’t hate! Meditate!

All the techniques of classic yoga of Patanjali aim at making one more aware and finally to see the self-shining forth in its own true nature. Check out our one-day meditation camp – simple guidelines are offered in this meditation camp to see how meditation can lead to a meditative state the whole day aiding in efficiency in work and in life and living. Click here for details

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