It is said that Raja Bharathari happened to go into the forest where the famous Yogi Gorakhanatha was practicing yoga. Not recognizing him, Bharathari met one of the disciples instead and entered into arguments. The King said, “What do I care for Gorakhanatha? If he wishes to learn the ways of the Almighty, let him come and hear me.”Gorakhanatha who overheard this, announced himself and said: “I will readily become your disciple provided you give me a handful of patience.”

Raja Bharathari took up the challenge and went in search of a handful of patience. He went to one god after another and finally to Vishnu who said, “I cannot supply you with patience. If you want to see patience in human form, go and see the great Yogi Gorakhanatha. The king, searching for Gorakhanatha, came back to the same place, when the great Yogi smiled at the king and accepted him as one of his disciples.

Published in the Oct 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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