The Story that Stirs
Dr. Patanjli J. Yogendra
It was Billy’s 6th birthday. He had often told his parents that what he
wanted was a pet dog – and he wanted it more than anything else in the
world. His parents pondered over this request and finally decided to get
him a dog as a birthday present.
So on his birthday when he got home from school, he was surprised to see
a full grown saint Bernard standing in the middle of his room. Billy
walked around the huge dog, being careful not to get too close.
His parents who were watching from a distance found this strange. “Is
anything wrong?” asked his mother. “No”, said Billy. “Just tell me one
thing. Is he for me or am I for him?”
Little did Billy realize, he had raised a long standing question. A
question debated in all cultures of the world. Well, is the world for
our amusement, are we playing an integral role in its functioning. Do
we sit back and witness all that is going on, or do we roll up our
sleeves and get down to doing things to try and help out. Certain
schools of philosophy would have us believe that firstly the world is
illusory and non-existent and it is as it is for our benefit and
ultimate liberation. Certain other culture would propound that never
mind about the creation and destruction of the world, just the fact that
you have been put in it means that it is your duty to help the needy and
relieve their suffering. Some others would say that we should do our
duty in any given situation and not worry about its outcome. Still
others would have us reach certain state of enlightenment where we see
unity in all diversity.
The problem remains unsolved. I too am pondering over this question as I
conclude this article.

Published in the July 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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