True Story of bypassing the bypass

A True Story of By-passing The By-pass

A True Story of By-passing The By-pass

Name: Usha Kamath

Age: 58 years old

Profession: Homemaker

Health Issue: Heart Blockage (30% heart functionality and renowned cardiologist suggested to undergo heart surgery by-pass in 2011)

Q: How did you learn about The Yoga Institute?

A: I heard about The Yoga Institute from my husband who used to visit the place regularly.

Q: State your present age, profession, and ailment.

A: Homemaker with two kids and heart blockages and stress. Since 2001 major responsibility was taking care of ailing husband due to his health complications. My ailment started in 2011; ECG done indicated that only 30 percent of my heart was working due to blockages. I was advised by the attending doctor and renowned cardiologist to go in for heart surgery. I was reluctant and determined to set things right by modifying lifestyle, Yoga exercise and dietary changes.

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Q: Family history of heart disease, if any, please share the particulars.

A: Two elder brothers suffering from heart blockage disorder, have had a history of heart blockages and underwent surgery too. One at the age of 52 was diagnosed with 100% blockage and the other at the age of 48 was diagnosed with 70% blockage.

Q: How have you benefited from special Yoga class for women?

A: Yoga teachers were caring and attentive. They gave good direction regarding modifying the diet plan and simplifying Yoga asanas as per my condition. I was regular and practised it daily. Daily walk at my pace and food restriction helped me a lot. AVAV (Ahar, Vihar, Achar and Vichar) four fundamentals help to lay the foundation and my symptoms improved immensely.

Smt. Hansaji’s practical tips came in very handy, and I still follow them every day. For example- walking is the best and gentle exercise. Then eat everything in moderation (I follow a sattvic diet and eat everything but within limits). She emphasised on routines and rest –I do all the housework within my capacity followed by proper rest. I take home tuitions for small kids as well.

Till date, I attend the yoga class without fail (Unless some major requirement at home since my husband’s health is one of the major concerns at the moment.) But, I enjoy the serenity and peace this wonderful institute has to offer.

Q: What does your latest report suggest?

A: To sum up, ECG done in December 2016 indicated normal functioning of left ventricle.  I do not understand all the technical details, but Doctors are impressed by my heart function, (considering my age and other factors.) From 30% functioning it’s up to almost normal at 50% without any surgery. (And 60% is the ideal number I have been informed but considering my hereditary factor progress is excellent doctors tell me). Of course, medications prescribed are taken regularly, but Yoga has been my game changer for holistic health.

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    Lifestyle changes are the main reason for the improvements, aided by yoga to keep the body and mind stimulated and relatively relaxed.

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    Hellow my name is Martinmus. Wery proper art! Thx 🙂

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