Activate your third Chakra – Navel

The navel is considered the seat of Agni or Agni sthanum. The navel is commonly called a belly button. Of the seven chakras or energy levels located in the human body, the nabhi chakra or the navel is the third chakra. It is situated close to the spine and governs many vital aspects, such as body-balance, digestion, urine elimination, etc. The navel is central to the body and to balance forces of physical gravity while sitting, walking, running or holding any posture. Yoga also lays emphasis on how important it is to activate your third chakra-navel to improve your intuition or as they say, “your gut feeling!”

Your belly button or navel is the spot where your umbilical cord was once attached. This flexible soft cord was vital to transport essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals from mother to fetus (child) in her belly (womb).

Did you know?

Some Interesting facts about navel- (Third Chakra or Bellybutton)

    • Ayurveda considered nabhi (belly button) as the central focal point to anatomically identify the position of various organs.

    • It is believed that more than 75,000 nadis or energy channels emerge from the navel governing various bodily functions.

    • The life force energy or prana or Samana Vayu resides in the navel. The prana supports digestion, elimination of urine, pachaka pitta etc.

    • The dislocation of the umbilicus or navel leads to a variety of ailments. In ancient India, the Veds (or revered ayurvedic doctors at that time) were highly specialized in detecting diseases of the body just by examining the navel. These veds quickly cured many conditions only by correcting the navel position.

    • The central point of the belly button and the solar plexus holds both physical and spiritual significance. When activated, the navel chakra or Manipura chakra promotes clarity of mind, balance, confidence, strength, and compassion. Physiologically it is also proved that the solar plexus connects the central nervous system and stomach.

    • Science of Marma nabhi classifies Navel or Nabhi chakra as one of the sensitive or marma point. Marma is a technique to activate the point by touch or light massage to balance the life force or prana and remove energy blocks.

    • Belly button or Nabhi typically has roughly around 2,400 different types of bacteria’s unique to each individual just like each person has a unique fingerprint pattern. Navel bacteria vary with each individual and considered as a sign of good health.


Some useful Navel care tips

  1. Oiling your belly button with oil has a therapeutic effect it helps to purify your blood and remove impurities. Remember grandmothers pacifying crying babies just by applying oil in their belly buttons.
  2. At the belly button region, the layer of muscle is the thinnest. By massaging the navel, it is believed that the vagus nerve is stimulated and helps in relaxing the brain.
  3. Oiling the belly with little coconut oil helps to reduce blemishes from the body. Giving you relaxation and good health.


For more such quick tips to activate your Third Chakra–Navel; click on the video link given and learn from yoga expert Dr Hansaji J Yogendra about various aspects of Manipur Chakra and how can one activate Third Chakra –Navel using different techniques, yoga postures, etc.

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