Agnisara; abdomen contractions

Agnisara; abdomen contractions

Yoga Kriya – simplified hygiene practices- Yogendra Agnisara; abdomen contractions.

Agni is fire. In this context, it is the fire unto which all is offered, especially the food we eat. Fire is the vanquisher of all and within this fire, all is purified. This practice activates the digestive fire.

Starting position: Stand or sit erect with hands by the sides.

The sequence of steps for Agnisar kriya:

  1. Contract the muscles of the abdomen and pull them in.
  2. Immediately release the muscles, allowing the abdomen to return to its natural position.
  3. Continue to rapidly and forcefully draw your abdomen in and out.

How does Agnisar kriya work?

The main aim of the Agnisar kriya or technique is to boost the BMR or metabolism and ensure correct functioning of all of the visceral organs in the abdomen. The abdomen contractions create a ‘vacuum-like’ effect and pulling and releasing the abdomen, helps to massage the internal organs and thus this increases the blood flow to the abdominal area. Regular practice is required to see significant improvements in your digestion system and metabolism.

Recommended practice:

Begin with 10 to 20 such movements and increase it to 50 cycles, with regular practice. Take care not to strain.

Limitations & Contraindications:

Hypertension, cardiac problems, ulcers, hernia, pregnancy and any abdominal surgery.

Benefits of Agnisar kriya:

  1. Increases digestive capacities and reduces stomach gases.
  2. Tones flabby abdominal muscles.
  3. Hygienic effects due to massage of the internal organs.
  4. Improves the appetite
  5. Provides relief from chronic constipation

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