Alumni Association

Acquaintance with Yoga should not end with completing a course at the Yoga Institute, Santacruz. You have consciously associated yourself with Yoga- the New Way of Life. You have to maintain your link. You should specially maintain your association with like-minded persons who were with you and who are putting efforts to better themselves and strengthen themselves. That’s how we think of the Alumni Association. Joint activities, when started, should be taken up by all past members. Hansaji J. Yogendra.


  • Swadhyaya

The Yoga Institute Alumni Association aims at maintaining and enhancing fellowship amongst the qualified teachers and renewing their bond with the Institute. The activities that are carried out by this association include:

  1. Monthly meetings of the members , including educational, cultural & recreational activities in the form of talk, sharing sessions, games etc.
  2. Holding camps, seminars, workshops & lectures.
  3. Picnics, outings with family members every year
  4. Celebration of Annual day programme for the members & their families
  5. Quarterly newsletter for the members.
  6. Guide & motivate teachers to practice & apply simple yoga techniques in daily life for better living & share experiences.


  • Eligibility

All those who have successfully completed 3 months, 7 months or 12 months Teachers Training Course.


  • Registration
  1. Admission to membership as an Associate Member is absolutely FREE for all Indian and Overseas teachers. The teacher is required to send the registration form duly completed by email to Such member shall be entitled to get all news, information of swadhyaya group activities by email/post/ courier from time to time and can share his/her experience or raise any query by email.
  2. Admission to membership as an Ordinary Member : A nominal fees is payable on financial year basis as under
    a) 1 Year – Rs. 100
    b) 3 Years – Rs. 250
    along with registration form duly completed. Fees can be paid in cash or by cheque at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai or can be deposited in any branch of Dena Bank in India mentioning details as under:
Account Name: SWADHYAYA
Saving Bank Account no: 010810013260
Name of Bank: Dena Bank
Branch: Santacruz (East) Mumbai 400055

Such members shall be entitled to attend / take part in periodical meetings and other normal activities of The Association, to attend /or vote in annual and all other general meetings of The Association and can also become member of The Managing Committee and core group for practicing, applying and sharing Swadhyaya activities with the members present in various meetings.


  • Meetings

Meetings are held every second Sunday of the month from 11.00 AM to 12.30 PM at The Yoga Institute wherein all the managing committee members and ordinary members can participate, discuss and share experiences of practicing various Yoga techniques. The members who are committed to practice yoga on a long term basis can form core group for common practices.


  • Registration & Fees (Only for Alumni Association)

Contact: You may please contact
Mohan Akali – 9820061609
B. L. Agrawala – 9324371694
Geeta Udasi – 9820502725
Email to