April Fool’s day…Really who is the fool?


March ending and IT returns are done, what a relief…phew! Now dear fools work hard again this year, remarked a friend. Another mischievous one said “not just fools; work like a donkey as well!”

So as we all know topic is April fool’s day! This is a western concept.

Someone is trying to sit on a chair and by pulling it underneath him …you haven’t made a fool of him. This shows lack of empathy and care for another human. You could potentially harm his/her spinal cord for life.

Another example- People divert attention and slap hard on face and shout fool and laugh. This is not funny at all. Result of this is- a person can potentially lose hearing from bursting of ear drum. Do not do this.

We do not need to fool anybody or setting aside a separate day to fool someone and laugh at somebody. This is a waste of energy and shows lack of empathy for the well-being of another human.

The point is laughing and having fun. But make it a point to have fun not by hurting someone. You can end up scaring a person who is not comfortable being degraded or laughed at in front of so many people. He or she might go into depression. You might easily forget but not necessary she/he will forget the humiliation.

This April Fool’s Day be wise enough to appreciate the varied festival country –India. One might question how the two are related. There is a connection. April fool is one day set aside to have fun and laugh with friends. Indian way is better because you can get to have fun and laughter with family and friends all the year round. Just the remembrance of your favourite festival and gentle smile is already there. All religions in India have the elements of food, colour, song, dance and fun together with family and friends. These are all positive ways to enjoy and have fun.

Laughing at others is easy…learn to laugh at yourself

Laughing at others is very easy. We should always remember, if at all that we are the fools. Yoga teaches us to laugh at ourselves. This April fool day instead of playing pranks by hurting someone, have fun in the right spirit.

Stay smart this fool’s day and start by learning to make fun of your own-self. Keep laughing and enjoying every single day!

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