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Asthma Healing Through Yoga

The world addresses asthma conditions on 7th May every year to bring awareness and overcoming asthma with therapies that help to cure asthma. I have decided to share my personal experience and my asthma healing. Techniques from The Yoga Institute have made it possible to cure my asthma completely. It is not a miracle, but Yoga is a scientific, and a holistic approach that manages and cures asthma.

Around 12 months back, the doctors told me I had Adult Onset Asthma.  My low lung capacity needed prescribed inhalers and tablets. My doctor suggested trying Yoga at the Institute. I chose yoga. It might seem implausible, but merely two days into the practice, I felt better.

Fundamentals of AVAV (Ahar-Diet, Vihar-Rest & Relaxation, Achar-Daily Routines, Vichar-thoughts) taught at the Institute made complete sense. I made changes and finally by the end of the week I was peacefully sleeping without wheezing. Initially the slightest climate change or little smoke would trigger my asthma attack, today I have no problems with breathing. I was finally free and could breathe easy and sleep better.

Yoga therapy is fast becoming an adjunct alternative to healing asthma. Sharing my experiences –

Asana –

I had stiff joints and started with Pavanmuktasana. Under the experienced of certified yoga teachers, I slowly started following Parvatasana, Hastottanasan, Marjariasana, Makarasan, Gomukhasan, Sarvangasana, Matsyasan, Simhasana, Padmasana, etc. All these Asanas brought about the alignment of the spinal cord and core muscles. I also felt that the arrangement of the lungs and the respiratory system was benefitted.

Surya Namaskar –

I enjoyed the Surya Namaskar Practice. I felt more aware of my body and conscious breathing, stretching benefited my flexibility.

Pranayama –

Pranayamas practice opens the blocked flow of bio-energy and benefits the nervous and respiratory system, and the entire body becomes energetic.

Anulom-Viloma Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Abdominal Breathing, and Clavicular pranayama brought about awareness and control on acts of inhalation and exhalation. All these Pranayamas enhanced the strength of the lungs and improved the breathing capacity — extremely helpful Pranayamas in successful asthma treatment.

Kriyas –

Practice Jal Neti using salted and warm water to cleanse the oro-nasal passage. It is possible to cure asthma with these Kriyas because they help in cleaning and liquefying viscous and thick phlegm stuck on the mucous membranes. Vauman Dhauti is another good practice (do it only under expert supervision.) Shankh Prakshalan improves digestion of the asthma patient and relieves constipation symptoms.

Relaxation –

Shavasana and guided meditation provide immense benefit to the asthma patient. Dhyana and mantra meditation also provided relief.

Today, I am medication and asthma free. Profoundly grateful to all the teachers and Institute who have made my life and breathing asthma free.

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