Attachment (Raga) & Yoga

Attachment (Raga) & Yoga

Kleśa (Sanskrit क्लेश, also klesha) is a stint from ancient yoga text which means, “poison or affliction”. Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra clearly identifies five afflictions -Ignorance or ávidyā, Egoism or asmitā, Attachment or rāga, Aversion or dveṣa and Fear of death or abhiniveśāḥ. We are talking on the series of kleshas, something which is going to bother us thoughtout life and it is something which has to be removed from our system.

Today, we will cover RAGA. Raga means anger in Sanskrit, but in yoga one word has many meanings and so here the meaning is ‘attachment.’ Raga is something you like very much.

In life when you like something you are after that thing, but the definition of Raga, is when you get happiness from anything you like and it is something you want and cannot get enough of it and you just flow with that thing. Simple Sutra given in Yoga, so now why has this become a kleshas?

It is because whatever we like in life, we should do it, but very often you will realise that what you like today; you may not like tomorrow. The ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ continues to alter or change. Different people like different things. The ‘likes’ go on increasing, then you go on doing more and more of what you like. We do not even realise that this can harm you. How so? Because what is good for you, the moment who or what you like gets disturbed, your balance is lost totally.

Attachment (RAGA) Set your self free

Attachment (RAGA) Set your self free

For example- We like and love our family members, but what happens when they are not nearby? You like somebody, but somebody may not like you. You may like something, but that something may not be good for you. You would like to rub your skin when a mosquito bites, but when you go on rubbing your skin vigorously what happens? Your skin oozes blood. I have seen so many people do this to a point that skin gets torn and then it hurts and infection happen.

In life you will like things and people and places and different things. Deal is that do not get too attached-‘The attachment is the whole problem!’ Suppose you have a choice- Pick up only things you want in life, then you definitely will pick up everything you like. Now you start liking those things and want them again and again. That is where the problem lies, so let us not get too attached to something, we like. Why? Since, this will then become a weakness and because of that weakness, anyone can take any amount of advantage.

There was a story of King who really loved a particular type of expensive perfume. People would bring him that perfume from far-and-wide. He would lavishly spend money on that particular fragrance and slowly all his treasures and saving were gone. So he lost his balance! Dr. Jayadeva, advocates maintaining balance. You might like something, but maintain a level headed attitude towards it. Clearly, that is why we should try to see things objectively in life and not subjectively, which does not happen in our life so frequently.

We do not realise that what is there with us permanently, what we like in life always keeps changing. Only thing permanent in life is “Change”. We grossly miss this aphorism.


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