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About Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Seminar:


Scriptures say that wholesome diet eliminates need for medicine and unbalanced diet eliminates the effect of medicine. In this workshop, learn the fundamentals and secrets of holistic well-being as described in Ayurveda, through food and nutrition.


Concepts of “Balanced Diet” (Santulit Aahar), Shadarasas, Ayurvedic superfoods and important cooking principles based on (Individual constitution / Prakruti types) will be explained in this workshop.


Principles of “Wholesome Diet” as well as anti-foods (viruddhahar or things that should NOT be consumed together), will be elaborated.


You will gain knowledge about the food-types and their effects based time-of-the-day (Dinacharya), seasons of the year (Ritucharya) and Doshas in the human body, will be elaborated.


Learn to take better care of your precious ones by learning more about Health management through simple changes in lifestyle, herbal treatment and detoxification, healing with herbs, spices and more.



Ayurveda Doctors, some with an experience of more than 25 years.


Day and Date: Sunday, 8th December 2019

Time : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fee : Rs. 3000/- (inclusive of lunch and snacks)

Venue: The Yoga Institute, Santacruz

For further enquiries contact: + 91-22-26122185 / +91-22-26110506 or email