Beauty – The Natural Way

Since ages, women have always sought for some miracle potion to maintain a youthful appearance. Our ancient writings have ample suggestion and very practical tips but western influence has taken us by storm and we seek that magical solution in ‘packaged’ off the shelf bottles, hoping that some such lotion would transform us into ravishing beauties. Alas! That never is the case; often we land up with more problems than we’d bargained for. Instead of that proverbial flawless completion, we hide dull and dry patches with make-up.

Unpleasant appearance is acquired by wrong habits of living and eating, lack of exercise and a cheerful temperament. In fact it is well know that a smile is the best facial toning treatment for the skin. A cheerful, friendly, smiling person never seems to get old and the facial muscles too remain tight and strong.

Our skin is basically made up of dead cells. These dead cells are periodically thrown off and replaced by new ones. We all must have experienced that on certain days our skin looks better than normal.

So let’s start by understanding our skin in relation to our health. If we are getting sufficient physical and breathing exercises, plus fresh nutritive food, half of our problems are solved.

To maintain physical hygiene – Soap on facial area robs the skin of its glow and makes it dry. Instead we could use a simple home-made scrub which acts as an exfoliant. Most of us have skin that is partly oily and partly dry. The skin also changes texture with seasons. Also it is well know that a smile is the best facial toning treatment for the skin.

So let’s go back to nature. Let’s explore the variety of natural ingredients which in no way have any adverse reaction but definitely aid and enhance beauty. The skin is the first indicator of not only our beauty but health too! No amount of cosmetic and makeup will bring a glow to a dull lifeless skin.

General ways to pamper and nourish skin:

  • Mash a banana or papaya in cold milk. Add few drops of lime juice. Apply on the face. Relax for 15 minutes and wash off.
  • Mix equal parts of honey and lemon juice and use as a moisturizer.
  • To cleanse the skin daily – use cotton wool pads soaked in plain milk and just watch the dirt coming off.
  • To bring a glow to the skin – apply warm lemon juice and wash off with warm water.
  • Soak a couple of almonds overnight, peel off the skin, grind it and add rose water to this mixture. Scrub it into skin and wash off.

Be ready to receive compliments within six months.

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