Benefits of YOGA for Beginners

Benefits of YOGA for Beginners

Yoga is a scientific, gentle and non-invasive tool that offers holistic health benefits for everyone. Irrespective of what age you are, yoga will always benefit you. The essence of true yoga as a way of life is taught at The Yoga Institute (TYI). We teach Classical or Asthanga Yoga based asanas, pranayama, kriyas, meditation infused with Yogendra Rhythm and correct bhavas. Classical yoga postures are nature inspired that help to increase flexibility, improve your muscle strength and correct your posture.

Few Beginner tips, for those of who have just started out with their yoga journey

Breathe is the key. It is a fundamental part of practising yoga. A great way to deal with stress ridden busy lifestyle disorders. The relaxation practices incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic frozen shoulder pain, cervical and lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches and vertigo symptoms to name a few ailments. Learning to breathe correctly and bringing about awareness towards inhaling and exhaling will add multiple benefits to your overall yoga asana practice. Oxygenation will improve the relaxation experience. This will help you achieve mind and body balance. Also, coping and management various kinds of symptoms and body aches and pains becomes much easier.

Yoga journey is all about knowing yourself. Enjoying yoga is easy. It’s all about the journey rather than just the destination. Learning different poses and aligning body parts along with correct breathing and with correct bhavas helps in achieving a balanced state of mind.

Yoga is not about achieving perfection or competition, it about being your best self!

Simple effort of being on time to attend yoga class helps. Yogic stretching exercises are a good way to start. Watch the video of Yoga for Beginners for complete details

Common mistake to avoid- Difficult yoga poses demand flexibility but remember that this will happen over a period of time. Do not be in a hurry to touch your feet (eg-in hastapadasana) or twist beyond your capacity anyhow on first day of yoga class. What really counts is how you go down or perform the twist.

Yoga practice helps with healing, if an individual has undergone any surgery or illness, but is practicing yoga regularly he/she will recover faster from the said illness or injury.

Relaxation “Shavasana” Corpse pose seems simple, isn’t it? But think again, ask any yoga practitioners who practices yoga regularly and they will surely share their experience on how difficult it was initially when they started and still how it is one of the most difficult asana to perform. Do not take our word for it…Do try it yourself! Watch Beginners guide video for Savasana for all the details.

Doing all the asanas is not the key to success. Doing a few asanas at the start is okay but make sure you follow the yoga teacher’s instruction properly.

Yoga offers fitness and inner strength. Asthanga yoga at The Yoga Institute offers holistic health on all levels mind, body and spirit. Yoga will help you with improved personality traits, better inter-personal relations, good social skills  and positive attitude towards life.

Classical yoga offers a unique advantage to reconnect with your-self, your inner strength and wisdom. Gain focus, confidence, balance and calm. Awaken your inner true happy self and enjoy a transformative journey within.

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