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Top 8 benefits of Yoga for pregnant women

Significant benefits of Yoga for pregnant women

Medically it has been proven that yoga is a good preventive against the majority of ailments. Multiple research advocates that prenatal & postnatal yoga hold several benefits for pregnant women as well as their newborn babies. Practising yoga before, during and after pregnancy improves sleep, reduces anxiety, decreases stress, increase strength, flexibility and fortitude of muscles much needed for childbirth.

Let’s have a look at the significant benefits of Yoga for pregnant women

  1. Cultivates stamina and strength

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise much needed to build strength and stamina. As your baby grows from within your body goes through physical, hormonal and emotional changes. You will need energy and strength to carry the weight. Yoga asanas strengthen your hips, back, arms and shoulders. Prenatal Yoga asanas that help are talasana, parvatasana, bhadrasana

  1. Improves equilibrium

The centre of gravity changes as the fetus grows within the womb. The changes in progesterone and estrogen levels leave you vulnerable emotionally. Pranayamas help to focus on breathing and help to fine-tune the equilibrium, physically and emotionally. Pranayamas that help are Yogendra pranayama I, II, III, IV and Anulom – Vilom without holding of the breath.

  1. Releases tension of the lower back, hips, upper back, neck and shoulders

As the baby grows, more amount of stress is put on muscle groups of the back, hips and shoulders. The tendency of having a lordotic/lower back curve due to the increase in the size of your bellies is reduced with regular practice of yoga. Also, the hips get tighter adding the pressure of baby’s weight. The breasts increase in size adding tension on your upper back and chest and shoulders areas.

Yoga poses that help is Goumukhasana, classical parvatasana in sukhasana or sitting on a chair with back straight can be done.


Classical parvatasana in sukhasana

  1. Calms the senses and nervous system

Guided meditation or soothing music with pranayama calms the senses and the nervous system. Shavasana benefits the parasympathetic nervous system and helps relaxation.

  1. The groundwork for Labour aches and pains

Yoga practices help to prepare the body and mind for labour. Unfounded worry, tension and stress are better handled with a balanced state of mind. The yoga institute pioneered techniques of Nishpanda bhava and Pratipaksh Bhavana help during this crucial time.

  1. Relationship with the baby

Yoga practice helps to generate a feeling to connect with your baby. Yoga helps to slow down and become aware of all the subtle changes.  Working on your breath and movement helps you feel centred and better connected with your baby.

  1. Improves oxygenation and blood circulation

Blood is a vital force that nurtures you and your baby. You improve your circulation within your joints and your muscles that benefit the baby. Also, you create a safe and nurturing environment for your baby to grow and thrive.


slow energy releasing foods

  1. Diet

The tendency to put on healthy weight is encouraged with your proper yoga exercises and sattvic diet you cannot go wrong. Diet is crucial during this phase of your life. It does not mean you overeat. The yogic diet is ideal for a healthy baby and mother.

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  • Ankit Panwar
    Posted at 15:59h, 21 December Reply

    Amazing blog i like it.
    Thanks for sharing this post to informed us about benefits of yoga for pregnant women.

  • Ankit Panwar
    Posted at 15:59h, 21 December Reply

    Amazing blog i like it.
    Thanks for sharing this post to informed us about benefits of yoga for pregnant women.

  • Anil Singh
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    Very Helpful Information About the benefits of yoga for pregnant women. I like this article.
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