Benefits revealed Yogendra Pranayama 5 – Shunyaka


(Suspension of Breath, Post-exhalation)

Maintaining a void, even for a while, from the ever challenging and demanding world is very important.

Method of Practice

  1. Sit erect preferably in either Padmasana or Sukhasana or in any meditative posture of your choice. Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing down.
  2. Close your eyes or fix your gaze at one point ahead.
  3. Inhale normally. When the inhalation is complete begin exhaling slowly and fully till you feel no more air remains within.
  4. Pull your abdomen inwards and hold this position for five seconds without any movement in the body. The emphasis is on experiencing the emptiness post-exhalation. The mind is still.
  5. Let your abdomen relax before you take the next breath in. You can breathe normally a couple of times between each round.
  6. Practise 4-5 rounds of pranayama V


Limitations / Contraindications

  • Hypertension, cardiac problems
  • Pregnancy, peptic and duodenal ulcers and other abdominal disorders or           surgery
  • Lower back disorders and slipped disc



  1. It strengthens a weak stomach and activates sluggish digestion and colon.
  2. It corrects the inflated lungs.
  3. It preserves elasticity of and tones the abdomen.
  4. It reduces distracting thoughts, calms the mind and improves focus.
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