Best Way to Increase Vitamin D Naturally


Vitamin D deficiency has become more common than ever before. Ever since the pandemic, many of us are inside our houses, due to the restrictions and for our safety. The majority of people are working from home and children are attending online schooling. Moreover, children are not even allowed to go outdoors to play. Our exposure to sunlight has become so limited, due to which there is a rise in Vitamin D deficiency.

Sunlight is the greatest source of Vitamin D production. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that our bodies produce when it is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D promotes bone health as well as is responsible for many other functions. Its deficiency can lead to an imbalance in blood levels, calcium levels, and immunity.

So, what should we do to ensure that we get enough Vitamin D? Here is a list of Vitamin D superfoods to include in your regular diet to boost the function of your bones and hormones.

  1. Milk

Drink 1 glass of milk every day. Milk is a rich source of Vitamin D. One glass contains about 30% of the daily requirement that will naturally boost your Vitamin D levels and strengthen your bones.

  1. Yogurt

Have a bowl of Yogurt daily. You can eat it plain or by adding it to a salad with vegetables or nuts. Yogurt contains 10-20% of the daily required Vitamin D intake depending on whether it’s flavored or the type of milk it’s made from. The best choice to set curd is Cow’s milk which is highly nutritious.

  1. Soy Products

Soy is high in protein, but soy milk and other soy products, such as tofu, are high in Vitamin D. It has about 25% of the daily value and should be included in your diet to prevent bone wasting or cavities.

  1. Some types of Mushrooms

Consume mushrooms as soup or cooked along with other vegetables. When exposed to sunshine, some mushrooms, such as maitake, morel, chanterelle, oyster, and shiitake, produce natural levels of vitamin D the same way as we do when exposed to sunlight. Including them in your diet can prevent Vitamin D deficiency.

Consume these highly nutritious and delicious foods, to increase Vitamin D levels and stay healthy.

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