Bhagwad Gita Shloka 2.56 (Parisamvad)

Bhagwad Gita

Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute.

Chapter 2, Shlokas 56

Today’s topic is Sthitprajna – One who has a balanced mind and remains established in that state. Occasionally we get into a quiet condition and we appear to be balanced but it doesn’t last. It will be a real effort to keep the mind steady all the time. We may admit that it is impossible, but that is Yoga. There are instances of Yogis, who remain the same in any situation. Paramhamsa Madhavdasji was the best example. The individual has to come to that kind of understanding and has to have faith, otherwise little little things are always there. Intelligence is a big factor. One has to keep it aside and keep to the experience – feeling steadiness, quiet, composure and faith in the processes that have started. It doesn’t continue, disturbances are bound to come. We have to live in the world, but be aware and move out immediately. This is seen in the life of great people – incidents happen but they don’t bother. When Madhavdasji passed away, a day before he informed, that tomorrow at this time, he will not be there. He will sit in a room and nobody should disturb. That was the kind of control and understanding. We are struggling every moment to keep living and are terribly frightened about losing our life. Practically our life goes just in that way. We have no time to experience stability, quiet, peace, where some deep, good thinking can happen.”

Always maintain balanced state. How does such a person look, sit, behave? When there are problems, pain, suffering, don’t get perturbed and disturbed. Desire for more happiness, joy, pleasure should be out. Attachment, craving should be checked. Fear, anger should be out. These are the areas we should work on. Anger means there is ignorance – we have less knowledge about situations and things. Anger reflects our weakness, our ignorance. When angry, settle down; bring some more knowledge, more understanding. As regards fears , statements are there in temples – ‘Why fear when I am here.’ Faith is the treatment for fear. All these are formulas to maintain balanced state. Where is any scope for attachment? What you like today will not be there tomorrow. Ultimately we have to work on ourselves.

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