Bhagwad Gita Sloka 2.59 (Parisamvad)

Bhagwad Gita Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute.

Chapter 2, Sloka 59

The objects of the senses turn away from the abstinent man leaving the longing (behind); but his longing also turns away on seeing the Supreme..

The Slokas talk about a person whom we call as ‘passed’, one who has succeeded. The other efforts are there, one might repeat the name of God or pray, visit temples and what not. When the mind is clear, one doesn’t get attracted to anything except God. When that happens it is the final stage. There are stories of old Indian saints – blind at birth, thrown out of the house. As a child wandering about on the streets for food – such a pathetic state. He is told by a good person to sit in the temple and repeat the name of God all the time and everything will come. He sincerely follows – all the time, eyes closed – he had no eyes – repeated the name and became India’s great saint. No other thought except one.

What is intended is concentration, steadiness of mind. When the mind is clear – we give the example of the pond where the water is dirty and you can’t see the bottom. Allow the water to settle and you see clearly the bottom. So the effort is just this – bring the mind to a steady state. We can’t do that. We have so many urgent things to attend to, so many inner compulsions – e.g. food. We are restless and then we want to think of God. Just for a few seconds. Nothing happens. We remain the same all the time.

This is a good Sloka for those who are interested in a serious study. We had a person working at the reception, a very disturbed person. All that he was told was to take a piece of paper and write the name of whatever he considered the highest, God, etc. He followed the instruction. After about 30 years we saw him a few days ago, and he is a changed man. He does other work also but has just that one thought all the time. This can happen. We have a short life and the days are just passing. In between, so many problems come. Sometimes we don’t have time at all. By the time we wake up we are already on the departure lounge. So we keep regretting at that stage and that is too late. We are all wise people so we should direct our wisdom in this direction also and not like children just enjoy when they are playing games, forgetting their studies and future.

As long as our sensory organs are taking us out and making us to enjoy things and creating impressions, as long as we have interest in the external world, control of the senses is not possible. You may control but sensations will still remain. When my mother-in-law was young and staying in Bangalore, the Maharaja arranged a feast and invited the entire family. There was a sweet in the feast, called mohan thaal. That taste which she enjoyed that day has remained in her system. Every Diwali when we make mohan thaal in the house, she would say that particular mohan thaal was really very good. I tried to make mohan thaal so that it surpassed that taste but I was not successful. The impression remains and the person cherishes that impressions and enjoys it. Because of that impression, you don’t even live in the present. Everything is fine in the world – unless we come to that level – this also is wonderful – but we stick to the earlier impressions.

One should have Vairagya, at the same time one should be able to enjoy whatever one does. We haven’t to get caught in strong impressions – don’t go overboard. We have to learn to handle emotions. Don’t have too much interest and don’t have no interest. It’s a thin line.

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