Book Store

The Yoga Institute, the oldest center of Yoga in the world, has a charming little book-store on its premises with books about Yoga and the Yogic lifestyle. Spearheading the “Yoga for the Householder” movement in the world, the Institute publishes books on yoga therapy, asanas, pranayam, couples counseling, traditional scriptures, ethics for everyday life, and a variety of other subjects on yoga education.


Sporting a fresh layout, the new walk-in book-store welcomes people to browse through a wide variety of books and other merchandise. Home to an illuminated Tree of Life, a symbol of wisdom and calmness, the book-store is a paradise for yoga practitioners and learners.


The Yoga Institute’s Book-Store is a must-visit for those who seek to enhance their knowledge of Yoga as it presents an extensive range of over 500 publications (in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada) and DVDs (in English and Hindi). Also on the shelf are several games that promote self-development, boost concentration, propose care for the back and joints, women’s welfare, etc. The store also has on display apparel designed for the  Institute (t-shirts) and exclusively designed candle-gazing stands.


Also check out our anti-skid, eco-friendly yoga mats in four attractive colours with yogic themes.


Store Timings:

7:30 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday)

7:30 am to 12 pm (Sunday)