Can we be contented?

Can we be contented?

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12

santushtaha satatam yogee yataatmaa dridhanishchayaha |

mayyarpitamanobuddhiryo madbhaktaha sa me priyaha || 14 ||

santushtaha – contented

satatam – always

yogee – yogi

yataatmaa – self-controlled

dridhanishchayaha – firm conviction

mayi – to me

arpita – dedicated

manobuddhihi – mind and intellect

yaha – he who

madbhaktaha – my devotee

saha – he

me – me

priyaha – dear

The yogi who is continually contented, self-controlled, filled with firm conviction, who has devoted his mind and intellect to me, such a devotee is dear to me. Shri Krishna explains, the perfected devotee derives contentment from Ishvara; therefore he does has no need to run after material world and objects for his contentment. Today, the need to examine the Ishvara within is the need of the hour. As householder yogis we face many obstacles so here are some quick pointers to improve the content quotient in our daily lives.

Moral compass within-

There is this inner voice which we tend to ignore so many times; we all have been there, right? Learn to meditate each day for some time. Quiet the mind and shine the soul. This helps to navigate in life with a clear right conscience. This lightens the karmic load and helps to build a healthy outlook and mindset.

Consume Balanced Sattvic Diet-

To raise the consciousness levels, a balanced state of mind is essential. A healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind. Sattvic diet is light and easily digestible. Sattvic foods have been known to have to boost the immune system. With a healthy body, ability to reach the balanced state of mind is higher.

Stay Active-

Proper nutrition coupled with regular yoga exercise results in a fitter, healthier body. Activity results in better blood circulation and a clear mindset.

Focus on things you like-

Surround yourself with positive like-minded people and things you like. Start you each with positive affirmation and a smile on your face.


Having compassion for yourself will increase self-improvement motivation compared to self-judgment. A study showed that self-compassion promotes personal improvement from regret experiences via acceptance.

Just do it today not later-

Overcome procrastination to reduce depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others-

Change the mindset, stop mental notes inflow that are readily available in media print, social media. Various studies show that when you are kind to yourself and go easy on yourself; you end up judging yourself less and accept others with an open heart.

Overcome Fussiness-

You are not born to be perfect; striving towards it is the idea. Emphasize learning and learn from your mistakes. Stop pretending things are perfect in life.

Steer Clear of Addictions-

Hangover on the first of New Year is not cool. Throwing up and cleaning up afterwards please avoid. Be high but on living your life.

Unplug Unnecessary Information-

Revolution of smartphones, gadgets and gizmos has its disadvantages too. Unplug yourself from unnecessary information that is not relevant to you. Majority of social media outpour of information is useless and occupies most of our time. Unplugging more this year is a good idea to clear your mind and helps you focus more on your goals.

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