The topic for the English Satsang on Sunday, 15th June, 2014 was 'Satya.' (Truth).Following is the transcript of the speech made by Smt. Hansaji Yogendra on the topic.
Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra
Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra
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“Dr. Jayadeva gave a very clear message that a strong decision has to come to the mind that I am not going to speak lies and untruth. You don't need more explanation here, it's just a question of decision. The more words we use, the more there is wrong interpretation. When we talk more than what is required, usually it ends in untruth because its leads to misinterpretation. People who are on the path of truth would speak very less.

The topic for the English Satsang on Sunday, 9th March, 2014 was 'Value System.'Following is the transcript of the speech made by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra on the topic.
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Listen to the Audio: Check this out on Chirbit“When you know that something you are saying is false and wrong, you should not say that. But we have no courage. We have other considerations and so we have got into the habit of telling things that can help us in getting is out of a bad situation. So we have included a lot of untruth, cheating and what not. A man who speaks truth is a man with a conviction. He is not bothered whether a certain statement will help him or hurt him. He is just concerned with whatever is the fact and he will speak out the correct thing, the right thing, the truth. Now we have slowly come out of that and we keep on telling things that give us immediate benefits. All are untruth. And we are carrying on. But this has become a habit.

Talk by Judge Shri DharmadhikariI have a liking for Yoga, I have less of an understanding of Yoga. I do find some time to study Yoga and practice it. My people at home do keep telling me that if the judge does not remain poised everything will go haywire. And to keep the judge in a state of equipoise, Yoga is a must. This much I can say with my own experience and the experience of others. When I was informed that Truth was my subject of presentation today, I was in a way relieved because Truth was your subject of presentation today, I was in a way relieved because Truth is intimately connected to Justice with which I am connected. In one of his Ashram talks Gandhiji said that Yoga brings about equipoise in man and take him towards Aparigraha and he is prevented from hoarding things beyond his immediate needs and all these are following the path of truth. Friends, it is very easy to talk about Yoga, but to follow it in everyday practice is extremely difficult. Today if there is any leading light for our judges, advocates and courts it is Mahatma Gandhi. You will also find reference to him in many of the judgments of the Supreme Court and the High Courts. You should understand that this is because truth has a lot of bearing on the administration of justice. You just mentioned that when we go to court, we swear that we shall speak the truth and nothing but the truth.