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Caught Up With Wrong Routines ?
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

Jayanti Patel, a humorist would say that he had become such a creature of habits instilled by external factors that he would get up when his five o’clock alarm bell rang. He would get ready to go to office as his wife shouted from the kitchen. He would run to Khar suburban railway station to catch a 9.30 am fast train to Mumbai City. Very surprisingly he would find the destination station, Churchgate, empty. He would be shocked at this till he realised that he mistakenly has hurried from home to his office on Sunday, a holiday.

In schools, it is a routine practice to keep quiet or stand up when teacher comes, or sit down when the teacher goes, or to go for lunch when bell rings, or get into class again when the bell rings, etc. Just as much we have learnt to routinely control our external behaviour we have not received instructions to sit absolutely quiet or not think for few minutes or think only on chosen object for five minutes etc. Routines and habit contrarius all our life.

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As a result, in most areas of life we remain very poor in handling ourselves. We get emotional, stressed out and even suffer physical symptoms. Medical books tell us t h a t 80% of the diseases are psychosomatic that are mainly emotional in nature but manifest as physical symptoms. This would include allergy of all kinds. A doctor told us of newly married couple entering their new home first day. Actually the husband had decorated the house neatly with beautiful roses everywhere. He was a rose lover. But the newly wed wife shrieked seeing the roses saying she was allergic to roses. The husband quickly took away the roses and dumped them in a dustbin.

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Next time when she shrieked seeing rose flowers in a flower pot, the husband explained to her that it was not a real rose. It was an artificial plastic rose. She stopped sneezing as a result. Many days later the husband took her to the flowerpot and told her that they were real roses. She had been smelling them for the last 3 months. She had no allergic reaction since she believed they were plastic roses.

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What Yoga does here is to provide relaxation, concentration and certain self control. One becomes capable of handling oneself and then overcome one’s problem.

Get your routines right with one of the oldest organized Yoga Centres in the World!

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