Celebrating Hansaji’s Birthday, 8th Oct 2014

The special occasion of Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra’s birthday was celebrated on 8th October 2014 with a free women’s camp held at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz from 1-4pm.


Hansaji cutting her birthday cake

The camp began with loving congratulations and wishes to Smt. Hansaji from all the participants. There were messages of goodwill and thanks for Hansaji from all over the world, which were compiled into the form of a book and presented to Hansaji by Smt. Jeenal Mehta Fonseca, a Sadhaka of the Institute. More messages from the students of The Yoga Institute were posted on two boards for Hansaji to see. One wonders and the amount of lives that must have been touched by this one exemplary woman.

Following the usual birthday celebrations, Hansaji gave a most enlightening talk to all the women participants. She spoke about the different small ways in which we can improve our lives so that we remain happy and balanced throughout. Out outlook, perception, habits, all can change in little ways, for the better.

Hansaji giving a talk at the Women's Camp

Hansaji giving a talk at the Women’s Camp

Hansaji also spoke on many other concepts as taught in yoga, such as routines, discipline, positive thinking, need for recreation, doing our duty, accepting people as they are, maintaining relationships and more.

You can listen to the audio recording of Hansaji’s talk here:

Check this out on Chirbit

Following Hansaji’s talk, the participants proceeded to learn Asanas and Pranayamas along with learning many tips on health management. There was a short recreation session, where they played games, ran around and brought to life the child within them. All the campers looked recharged and joyful after the games and then proceeded for a most informative talk on diet and nutrition.


Participants practising Vakrasana

It sure was a most positive and useful birthday celebration at The Yoga Institute, for what is a better way to celebrate, than to share knowledge?

See more pictures of the event here :

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