Cervical Spondylosis & Yoga Cure

Cervical Spondylosis & Yoga Cure

Hectic schedules, desk jobs and sedentary life styles with long sitting hours in a particular fixed pose is taking a toll on the health front. All levels of well-being are affected-mental, emotional, physical and social. Peeping into computers and smart phones for hours together leads to neck, cervical and shoulder problems.

Cervical Spondylosis is a common degenerative condition caused by chronic wear and tear of the cervical spine. The disks in between (that cushion) the neck vertebrae joints of the bones of the cervical spine are also affected. In many cases abnormal growths and bone spurs of the spine (vertebrae) are seen. Over time, all these changes can compress one or more of the nerve roots causing pain symptoms. In GenX the instances of cervical spondylosis are on the rise due to over use of smart phones or computers, wrong postures and lack of physical exercise. Main culprit is the stress factor that causes the symptoms to worsen.

Common Symptoms associated

  • Stiffness in the neck & neck pains sharp to dull
  • Shoulder stiffness and pain that can extended to chest region
  • Sometimes followed by numbness in the hands & legs
  • Coordination issues
  • Reflexes difficulties
  • Fever due to acute neck pain
  • Dizziness & Vertigo

Few simple yoga exercises & asana and pranayamas are recommended below. When repeated often and done regularly can help relieve the symptoms of neck pain very quickly.

Simple Yogic- Stretching Exercises – Shoulder and neck exercises. Anytime and anywhere yoga exercises that helps to quickly relax and loosens up the stiff joints.

  1. Lift and drop your shoulders, rotate your shoulders (Clockwise and anticlockwise). Cross your shoulders in front (while exhaling) and then back (while inhaling).
  2. Sit straight and try to stretch your neck keeping your elbows stretched down. Stretches your spine and now your can do intercostal breathing or Yogendra Pranayama II. You can also do clavicular breathing or Yogendra Pranayama III and abdominal breathing or Yogendra Pranayama IV
  3. Look up and Rotate your neck from left to right and then from right to left, very slowly and smoothly without jerks. Turn your head to right. Repeat the same on left side.
  4. Eye exercises-Roll your eyes from left to right and then right to left. Now look up and centre. Repeat the same while looking down and centre. Look at a near object e.g.-you can look at your palms and then try to focus your gaze on clouds at a distance. This helps to relax the optics nerves.
  5. Neck and Upper-body sideways twist. (Both Sides) While exhaling twist of right side and repeat the same on left side.

Stretching Exercises Neck and Shoulders

Yoga Asanas

Matsyasana (Fish Pose) – Matsyasana offers strength and spine flexibility and the complete vertebral column is benefitted. Long hours of sitting in front of the computer or continuously operating the smart phone causes stress and strain this pose is very helpful to relieve that stress.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – In this particular asana the backward bending of the spine helps improve flexibility. It is a good measure to remove stiffness of both neck and shoulder region. Watch the video to get complete details on how to do this really easy yet beneficial pose.

Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) – Makarasana is a very good pose to help release the stress and relaxes the entire spine.

Pranayama & Meditation– Yogendra Pranyama I, II, III & IV helps to improve oxygenation and blood circulation. This calms the nervous system and benefits the relaxation cause.

Guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra or Savasana all help to relax and rejuvenates the entire nervous system and indirectly help to manage the stiffness and cervical pain.

Important Tip: Sleep correct way according to your comfort level is the key to remain pain free

Correct Way to Use Pillow

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  • Shashank Rao
    Posted at 08:12h, 25 September Reply

    need to be guided for diabetes and sciatica with yoga.

  • Shashank Rao
    Posted at 08:13h, 25 September Reply

    need to be guided for diabetes and sciatica with yoga.

  • Veerasekar
    Posted at 08:32h, 28 April Reply

    Advice me asanas for cervical myelopathy

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