Checklist for a Happy Life

Checklist for a Happy Life

Life is a question without any answers and death is an answer without any questions! So let’s examine what makes life worthwhile and why are we given life? Many would agree that life was given to us to be good and do the right thing. Life is about doing your duty to the best of your ability in any given situation. To make the world a better place.

Some insights into the checklist for a happy & fulfilling life

Be yourself– Be true to your inherent nature and have strong faith in yourself.

Love governs life- Love is the only law of life. God lives where love is. Love is the expression and expansion of life.  Love is growth and expansion and selfishness is contraction and death. Just as you breathe every moment learn to live in love in every moment.

Attitude Matters- It is our own mental outlook that creates our world what it is for us. Our thoughts make things beautiful as well as our thoughts that make things ugly. Learn to see things positively with a proper perspective. The whole world is within our own minds.

It’s a beautiful life- Everything in this world is holy, good and beautiful. There is a purpose behind everything that happens in this world.

Free Yourself- The instant you realize that God is sitting in the temple of every human being you meet, the moment you stand in humility and in reverence before everyone you will experience freedom.

Judge less and stop the blame game- Condemn no one. Judge less and love more. Stop the blame game and realize it’s for your own peace of mind. Be helpful to all you meet and if you cannot help then fold your hands in humility and let them go their own way.

Uphold your virtues- Be truthful. Encourage everyone in their struggles to live up to their highest ideals. Make an effort at the same time so as to bring “the personal ethics” as near as possible to the Truth.

Be Content– Accept the situation as it is. Do not try to change others or the situation.

Help others- Aparigraha is the concept of non-possessiveness or non-greediness.  If money helps a man to do good to others, it holds some value. But if not, its accumulation beyond one’s need is just immoral and the sooner it is got rid of, the better. Money is meant for circulation.

Listen To Your Conscience- Awareness about one’s own conscience helps you to grow spiritually from within. None one can teach you to be spiritual. The best teacher is your own conscience or soul. It is that feeling that guides you towards “doing the right thing!” No amount of intellectual thinking can make you reach God. Listen to that inner voice from time to time for vitality and spiritual strength. Sit with your eyes closed in meditation for a few minutes whenever it is possible.

Learn something new about yourself every day- The goal of mankind is knowledge. Remember here knowledge is different from rote learning. All the knowledge we require is within us. In a psychological sense; what an individual “discovers” about himself by uncovering the veil of Avidya or wrong knowledge from their soul through “Swadhyaya” (Self-study.) This forms the fundamentals of an infinite source of knowledge.

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